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  • Avatar for rockmyplimsoul
    SOULTIME! Damn this is a great album, best in YEARS from the Jukes!
  • Avatar for thebosscowboy
    come to think of it there are quite a few southside songs written by the boss
  • Avatar for thebosscowboy
    dont forget that Bruce wrote hearts of stone
  • Avatar for thebosscowboy
    hi I am new to this guess I am talking to a lot of "colonial cousins"
  • Avatar for rockmyplimsoul
    Great cover of Little Steven's "Men Without Women" album, gotta get it if you're a Disciples of Soul and Jukes fan!
  • Avatar for Druid66
    Seventies blues-based rock like this group is what turned me onto the pre-rock blues in the first place, so I give Johnny and his guys credit for being part of that sound.
  • Avatar for sumidiotdude
    lmfao just saw pretty much all of conan's tonight show band are in this group.
  • Avatar for liam7777
    Yeah....finally.... LastFM is playing the new Pills & Ammo album.
  • Avatar for edanielsen
    Are you Springsteen in disguise? I'm listening to the "Hearts of Stone" album and I could swear it sounds like Springsteen did 35 years ago. I'm happy I discovered this artist (through recommendation), fantastic stuff!
  • Avatar for Equality7-2521
    @jimmyp41 Get my head out of my ass for considering Southside underrated? You fucking moron.
  • Avatar for liam7777
    Their new album is out & it's a real rocker:
  • Avatar for johnnycool2002
    What a voice.
  • Avatar for igg20
    this guy is great!! 2nd comment on him!!
  • Avatar for igg20
    been listening to the album hearts of stone, and im lovin it!!
  • Avatar for jimmyp41
    when he hit the stage at a show in Jersey a few years back when I saw him the crowd was in total bedlam.... I don't think I have ever seen so much cheering and love being thrown at someone! Yea and equality... U my friend are a MORON. read the quote below mine and get your head out of your BEHIND!
  • Avatar for goldsausage
    "Can't believe the lack of plays, while jackasses like Bruce Springsteen are considered gods." - um, that jackass wrote a few of Southside's songs...
  • Avatar for BruceNY
    Artists are defined by two central fundamentals; their songs and concerts. For years, concerts were used as promotional tools to sell records. As the sixties progressed, the Grateful Dead appeared and within a few years, Led Zeppelin took concerts to new heights with festival grooviness and flashing arena-rock presence. For bands like the Dead and Zeppelin, the records weren’t enough. The concert became an extension of the record and in many ways, a more vital experience. Tapes were shared, stories told and myths were born. In the entire rock era, no other artist has a greater and more extensive legend than Bruce Springsteen. From stories of intimate in-your-face clubs shows early in his career to the misquoted myth of the five-hour show, the adoration and fervent followings Springsteen has amassed over the decades is almost unparalleled and on full display in a new book chronicling the 1978 Darkness on the Edge of Town tour, The Light in Darkness.
  • Avatar for twmia
    Excellent plain 70s Rock and Blues best heard life ;-)
  • Avatar for blue1
    We're havin' a party.
  • Avatar for BonGoogy
    Sadly underrated
  • Avatar for richiegt
    I've been diigin' the South since high school. Yes, the 70's. I still find the sound very unique. Rock & Roll with a horn section. "Hearts of Stone" and "The Jukes" are the classics, but don't neglect the more recent ones. "Messin' With The Blues" is down to the ground rockin' blues, especially "Looks Like Rain". His latest is a cover album of Tom Waits songs. Here's his web site:
  • Avatar for Equality7-2521
    Can't believe the lack of plays, while jackasses like Bruce Springsteen are considered gods.
  • Avatar for uco51
    very souly funky sound for over 30 years...johnny go on...
  • Avatar for snnygirl32
    Thanks Frode for giving me a heads up on him.Very underrated!
  • Avatar for frode1974
    There is a complete video stream of Southside Johnny's concert in amsterdam in october on favbchannel:
  • Avatar for Willowbranch14
    he's got a voice that goes straight to the heart
  • Avatar for slade5893
    Blue i agree!!!!
  • Avatar for blue1
    He's ridiculously underrated.
  • Avatar for madmac17
    Hearts of Stone and I Don't Want to Go Home are 2 of my favourite albums of all time. Not a bad track on either, and they both kick ASS!
  • Avatar for PappaWheelie
    I saw them live -- on SCTV.
  • Avatar for frode1974
    Great concert video of the Jukes + Bruce & some E-streeters:
  • Avatar for BNew00yc
    my favorite song is Havin' A Party
  • Avatar for turnstone
    I only really know ' The Fever' which I love. Anyone got any other recommendations for this group ?

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