• Review: Pansy Division at Café du Nord

    22 Apr 2007, 17:41 by IMTrick

    Sat 21 Apr – Avengers, Pansy Division

    As you know (because I haven’t been able to shut up about it for a month), I went to see Pansy Division last night at Café du Nord in San Francisco, where they were playing with the Southern Girls and the Avengers.

    I had expected last night’s rain to screw up my travel time, but traffic was light and I got there a bit early, just before the Southern Girls went onstage. As Kris and I were wandering around checking out the place (and the people — more on that later), I spotted a guy who looked familiar. I had Kris follow me to the table where T-shirts and CDs were were being sold and pointed at the cover of The Essential Pansy Division. “See that guy there in the pool?” I glanced over at the familiar-looking guy to my right. “Does he look like that guy over there to you?”

    We both agreed he did, and that he must be Jon Ginoli, so at that point I had to go over and say hello. Preparing to look like a total idiot, I walked up to him and somewhat timidly asked, “Jon, right?”