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  • Avatar for TheHutchman
    My absolute favorite Soundgarden song.
  • Avatar for szelbiry
  • Avatar for MsMoonlightt
    This is so underrated...maybe the best Soundgarden song.
  • Avatar for Captain_Awful
    It has that big sound, so alive with vitality, like taking a shite under a panoramic waterfall, great stuff!
  • Avatar for essex853
    Right, that's it I've made up my mind...this IS my favourite Soundgarden track ever! The new album is awesome, Taree might even sneak into my top ten, Soundgarden are back, which is fantastic. Will Pearl Jam put together a proper album like this too? is it just me or is every album since Vitalogy a big disappointment?
  • Avatar for TaniththeWolf
    Really loving the new album!
  • Avatar for tad72
    definitely one of my favs but damn they are all so good, hard to choose a fav; my fav SG song changes often lol
  • Avatar for maciekced
    It sounds like Led Zeppelin
  • Avatar for essex853
    Never gets old, one of their finest tracks, brilliant.
  • Avatar for tad72
    i love that early soundgarden sound. i love all soundgarden but damn i just love hearing young SG.
  • Avatar for tad72 it
  • Avatar for satedmidget
    TONIGHT - Hyde Park, muddy as hell - buddies, beer, rain, HELL YEAH
  • Avatar for discmania
    yay can´t wait to see them live tonight.......
  • Avatar for satedmidget
    I get to see them twice in a month! HOLY FUCKING GOD!
  • Avatar for The-Iron-Lion
    I am curious as to why there are people here who claim that this songs makes them laugh.
  • Avatar for brianwolfe_3579
  • Avatar for KingsAndQueen
    Aahh love this!
  • Avatar for tomrud73
    gnarly song. no other way to put it really
  • Avatar for tomrud73
    Kim Thayil=one of the most underrated guitarists and that rthym section!!!
  • Avatar for tomrud73
    one of the best Soundgarden songs
  • Avatar for essex853
    Classic Soundgarden, Cornell rocks!
  • Avatar for Jas2336
    Makes me wet as well and i dont have a vagina .
  • Avatar for pjfan320
  • Avatar for TamaTheOriginal
  • Avatar for Regis_1984
    one of the best..
  • Avatar for tomrud73
    man, oh man does this song take me back!
  • Avatar for tomrud73
    aw man, what a CLASSIC!
  • Avatar for SirJJM
    the meaning is awesome, laughed my pants off
  • Avatar for hannahflorence
    Mmm love the riffs.
  • Avatar for kikikirsche
    cracks me up
  • Avatar for LicoriceLain
    Makes me wet. That is all.
  • Avatar for Slaky311
    This is amazing.
  • Avatar for buncut26
    One Of Their best Fo Sho
  • Avatar for reaganyouth77
    this way before pearljam was even a thought. anybody else hear evenflo in there?
  • Avatar for KChippie1
  • Avatar for reaganyouth77
    awsome early soundgarden
  • Avatar for Aki_of_the_dead
    The fact that he sounds so much younger makes it so much more awesome.
  • Avatar for SirJJM
    rocket, makes me
  • Avatar for p4lmer
    pure badassness
  • Avatar for sam_ecc
    great song ..
  • Avatar for T-Gos
    Cornell's finest of his many fine lyrics, coupled with industrial strength molten metal riffage
  • Avatar for UtopiaOfBastard
    the beginning riff is sooo about black metal hehe
  • Avatar for lordbuse
    Love the Riffs, love the lyrics, love the song!
  • Avatar for panzerny
    this is fucking epic !
  • Avatar for sbwmikael
    Kurt wrote a song for you tsax421
  • Avatar for serenasattar
    great song!
  • Avatar for CheezyNoodles
    Woah, this is Chris Cornell singing? It's kinda unrecognizable in this song. Love it though :D
  • Avatar for greendreamz
    everyone love trees....
  • Avatar for TrueBlood4ever
    Love the flow of the song.......
  • Avatar for tsax421
    don't care much for what the lyrics are about, but it flows nicely. and its a kick ass lick. so i like.


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