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  • Avatar for FjordSweetFjord
    that voice!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Irlandese64
    I'd heart this twice if I could
  • Avatar for ravenpryde
  • Avatar for protonemata
    ah Singles, such a memorable movie
  • Avatar for Estranged_Ann
    Grunge?? this is fuckin' HEAVY METAL!!! (2)
  • Avatar for tad72
  • Avatar for NevertheMachine
    yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
  • Avatar for VoodooDahl
    Their best song.
  • Avatar for jpeiper
    Badass perfection.
  • Avatar for xyleeze
    first time I hear this.
  • Avatar for crimsonsamura1
    I wouldn't say it was their best song, but certainly a great one. Also; Those were the days... [2]
  • Avatar for maruapo
    by far the best Soundgarden song
  • Avatar for Treysweet
    The snake retreats, admits defeat, and waits for the birth ritual, ritual, ritual.
  • Avatar for MRRUSTYCAGE
    Fucking truth below.
  • Avatar for Rockdrigo_666
    Grunge?? this is fuckin' HEAVY METAL!!!
  • Avatar for Treysweet
  • Avatar for kissesneverdie
    guitar, bass & drums are absolutely perfect.
  • Avatar for special_user
    great sound
  • Avatar for DavCnuk
    great heavy song!
  • Avatar for rustco
    Those were the days... (1)
  • Avatar for rustco
  • Avatar for thejackyl
    so badass
  • Avatar for BrokenSignals
    Another reason to place Soundgarden as one of my favorites. It always sounds like it would be painful to sing like chris, I guess thats why he sounds different now
  • Avatar for lisasedge
  • Avatar for pessimystica
    wow, some of you guys that still don't have this awesome soundtrack need to GO to your local USED CD SHOP.... RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!! but yah, this song rocks :)
  • Avatar for fugazni
    Including Seasons, Chris Cornell & Co. really blew this incredibly fuckin amazing soundtrack out of the water
  • Avatar for GregCano
    Does anybody can tell me when does Chris actually breathe ?
  • Avatar for Constantiine
    wow, incredible!
  • Avatar for lastfmgs
    One of their best
  • Avatar for pieman2pieship
  • Avatar for italcimenti
    About the soundtrack, Birth ritual is ace of course, but there's also one of Alice in Chains best moment Would? and Drown by SP, a brilliant hazy Hendrix, state of love and trust by PJ and more. Highly recommended if you ask me. Used to be my fav tape.
  • Avatar for jpeiper
    What a voice.
  • Avatar for daydreamer__
  • Avatar for erickg13
    the version on isnt the one i have been listening to. Odd. Mine is from a B-side of some single, and it sounds nothing like the one from the soundtrack.
  • Avatar for ozandogan
  • Avatar for hbokh
    Those were the days...
  • Avatar for scott_sea
    Soundgarden were awesome and this is one their best songs. And that's saying something!
  • Avatar for Blessedheart
    Such power!
  • Avatar for pilgrimage145
  • Avatar for mindbar
    Absolutely the best song by Soundgarden. Not so much in to them except this song... GREAT ONE!!
  • Avatar for grecoroman
    great song
  • Avatar for brainrust
    Actually they are not.. Birth Ritual is easily the best song on the soundtrack. Defenitely one of my favorite Soundgarden songs.
  • Avatar for ontheupside
    aww man, this song is freaking great! must get this soundtrack now - if the contributions from the other artists are as good as this, AIC and Smashing Pumpkins, I'll be freaking happy
  • Avatar for TheGodfather234
    love this song!
  • Avatar for artimuskitty
    Check out the vocals on this tune!! Unbelievable! Chris Cornell rules!! (And gotta love his cameo in the film as well - where he watches Matt Dillon blowing up that car with the excessive sound system! Awesome!!
  • Avatar for spadrik
    Damn straight.
  • Avatar for Blessedheart
    Awesome song. Massively underrated.

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