• TOP 15 IN DANCE MUSIC 2006

    16 Jan 2007, 22:10 by Boembees

    First off, can one still speak about ‘dance music’ in 2007? This term is starting to remind me of the days of “mellow”, “ardkore” and “club trance”.

    Anyway, on to important things. Here’s my list:

    1.Loco Dice || Harissa || Cadenza

    2006 was a big year for Mr. Dice Corleone (apparently his real name!) and production buddy Martin Buttrich (more on him later on). Releases like “Seeing Through Shadows”, “Flight LB7475” and Latex’ “Porcupine” rocked dancefloors as well as bedrooms everywhere. The best though, came last. “Harissa” follows Cadenza’s back catalogue by combining the minimal aesthetics with a touch of latin rhythms and neo-psychedelia (see also Villalobos’ “AchSo” from last year for instance). All four tracks are top quality material.

    2.Cobblestone Jazz || Dump Truck || Wagon Repair

    A busy year for Mathew Jonson’s outfit as well. Besides this 12” they also released the stellar “India In Me” and the deep house effort “Creator EP”. …