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Dutch group, originally from Assen, North Holland. They were an early part of the Nederbeat and psychedelic sound in their home country.

The brothers Remco and Robert Imker (bass and guitar) joined up with singer Peter Homan and drummer Paul Peijters around 1968. After playing live, a representative from Philips saw them play and signed them. Although they did press some boxes full (the single 'Train to Doomsday / See Those Girls'), the label rejected them on the grounds that they were "too gloomy" or aggressive to be commercial. The Imker brothers, watching their plans getting turned down by the label, supposedly stole a couple of these boxes of their album (these are extremely rare in original today and still fetch ridiculous prices). There are two versions of their first single: The other version, which explains the rarity of these singles, is that the band got fed up with the label and tossed the boxes of the records into a meadow -destroying them. Apparently, a few copies of this gem were saved and are now extremely rare. Subsequently, the second one is the one most often recorded on compilations(and is often considered not as good). Robert 'Tokkel' Imker (d. 2001), who was the band's leader and guitarist struggled with substance abuse during the 70s and 80s and ultmately became homeless. A stint in Herman Brood's band in the late 70's saw him changing direction. Falling on hard times, he was well known on the streets of Assen for his wild looks and hobo/acid casualty lifestyle. Remco Imker is still going -I understand the remaining members drifted out of music. The single "Train to Doomsday" is still a hard, gritty, driving classic of the psych/hard rock era.

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