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  • Avatar for aldrignedigen
    The melodic part in the middle is awesome
  • Avatar for Soundservant
    v I'm not sure how lines such as "Fucked up you never learn, I've reached the point of no return, no I can't take it anymore" can inspire you to do better in that exam?
  • Avatar for leptibiscuit
    That song gave me inspiration in the middle of an exam I was surely gonna fail last year, it just kept on playing in my head that time, and suddenly what I had to write became crystal clear. Passed the motherfucking exam in the end. True story.
  • Avatar for dcfe
    Oh yeah !! [3]
  • Avatar for H1el
  • Avatar for balttier
    soooo good song, totally kickass..gotta love that solo fav soulfly song has been always..Max is one of the metalgods
  • Avatar for Slynd
    Oh yeah !! [2]
  • Avatar for chaub
  • Avatar for Pharoh-MOth666
    Oh yeah !!
  • Avatar for irate_nate
  • Avatar for Sureduck
    Styrofoam - it's Dave Peters from Throwdown
  • Avatar for D3MITRI
    Well said LJV3081...
  • Avatar for Moira_85
  • Avatar for freeDOWNspirit
    Oh Max, como eu gostava de ter-vos visto ao vivo, Please come to Download festival next year, you were missed a lot, everywhere I could listen your tracks playing and saw lots of soulfly memorablia. Love u
  • Avatar for LJV3081
    Cavalara is God!!!
  • Avatar for Kopfgeld06-lpz
    Soulfly (bree) sag ich da nur Metal
  • Avatar for Styrofoam
    who is the featuring singer on this track???
  • Avatar for lionelhachemi
    yesssssssssss yesssss yesssssss le best
  • Avatar for ArekHEADUP
    Yeahhhh! Soulfly is guru of my band. Click on my photo and listen!
  • Avatar for coldbubble
    brasil soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for stargazersat3
    shit man! my nephews just dont get metal .fuck! i couldnt wait to wear my first leather jacket.i suppose until youve had to face the enemy you just dont get it.oh well hears to when there older and wiser and know how good it feels to get a split lip or bust your balls riding through wind,rain and storms!aint mother nature one tough bitch!!
  • Avatar for daniel_schober
    this is perfect.
  • Avatar for happyfuckinpunk
    soulfly is always wicked fuckin cranked. totally sweet for crushin or thrashin. goes awesome with beer and babes.
  • Avatar for tretenmerth
    One of the best song.
  • Avatar for slipknot-stoon
    jamdafaka_pimp +1
  • Avatar for shispa01
    sudamerica power.....
  • Avatar for T0P4
  • Avatar for andreluizeng
    what a song !!!
  • Avatar for Gustafah666
    I didn't like Soulfly since from its beggining. But nowdays, it is much better than Sepultura, which is a poor band today...
  • Avatar for Steve-Beaudoin
    Ohhhh hhhhh Yess yessssss yess !!! [b]Yess[/b]
  • Avatar for molotoff666
    Макс кращий!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Tracer_Man
    The Best Song!!!
  • Avatar for nopuppet
  • Avatar for rock35
    My best soulfly`s video is Unleash and Prophecy. Thanks for all, maestro Cavalera:-)
  • Avatar for happyfuckinpunk
    soulfly is so fuckin brutal. good 4 thrashin or crushin. take ur fuckin pick
  • Avatar for metal_cat_020
    fucking great!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for kasu1
  • Avatar for ilovemusix
    good very good
  • Avatar for fcn-jone
    beste soulfly
  • Avatar for RedMetaller
    Max is my god!
  • Avatar for cuenk_stars
    soulfly al derrame rock ¡¡¡
  • Avatar for malejo0
  • Avatar for Leckmann
    I must see them live again ... >.<
  • Avatar for cricamose
  • Avatar for gilsonthrasher
    brazil is fuck!!!
  • Avatar for dantabarez
    BRAZILIAN POweR!!!! Hardcore!
  • Avatar for rivfader90
    Max sounds really pissed off. :p
  • Avatar for frontpage2
    Worst song of a great album So its still pretty good :P
  • Avatar for arashkh
    4:34 pure chaotic insane!
  • Avatar for Metallimaster
    Video is great


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