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soulDecision are a Canadian and group that achieved moderate success in the late in the U.S and Canada, being best known for their 1999 ode to sleazy and early titled "Faded". That track, reminiscent of later tunes such as Bruno Mars' "Treasure" and Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines, was a major commercial success. The band's line-up, style, and level of success was vastly different during the time of their debut work and their follow-up albums. The group was originally a trio consisting of Trevor Guthrie (vocals, guitar), David Bowman (vocals), and Ken Lewko (keyboards).

While their singles, "Faded" and "Ooh It's Kinda Crazy" incorporated music, the majority of their debut album, 'No One Does It Better', released in 2000, was mainly influenced by balladry. That album sold 750,000 copies worldwide. However, the massive success of "Faded" left the group saddled with the label of being a '', especially with that single being somewhat atypical of their general sound at that time.

After promotion and touring for their first album had completed, soulDecision went on a long hiatus which resulted in a big change in line-up. In 2004, Dave Bowman left the band, and three additions took place to the band: James Reid (guitar), Tino Zulfo (bass) and Terepai Richmond (drums). Before the release of their second album, 'Shady Satin Drug', the band claimed that their original line-up was badly influenced by the record company, given a marketing-based image that they didn't agree with.

With the album being released on lead singer Trevor Guthrie's record label, Sextant Records, the band was allowed more artistic freedom over their work. The album subsequently was released in Canada only in October 26, 2004 although it was available for purchase online through their official website. With "Shady Satin Drug", the band moved towards a more upbeat and danceable sound that was more similar to their hit single, "Faded". The band became marketed more as credible musicians rather than as a pop band, as seen by their music video "Kiss The Walls". While the band received major airplay with their single, "Kiss The Walls", the album sales were significantly low only selling 10,000 copies.

Since then, soulDecision have disbanded with lead singer Trevor Guthrie announcing a solo career.

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