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Soul Vibrations… a name many find. Soul Vibrations from 1971 for Stones Throw Records, Soul Vibrations from Nicaragua's Atlantic coast releasing Soul Vibrations Black History / Black Culture in 1991. And the Soul Vibrations from Colorado with the release of Mermaid Sunshine in 2005.

Soul Vibrations from 1971 for Stones Throw Records, most popular song was called "the Dump" Beautiful and rich with Horns, organs and FUNK! The dump was originally a b side.

in Afro-Nicaraguan Music , Soul Vibrations is a part of the history of the Sandinista Revolution. and their music is inspired by it as well as playing some Palo de Mayo, music from the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua. Philip Montalvan and Raymond Myers are the leaders of this band. Montalvan also a leader of the people and has been kidnapped and imprisoned by both the Contras and the Sandanistas during Nicaragua's revolution.

And Soul Vibrations from Colorado. Released in 2005, a cd of love life and mystery with rootsy tracks influenced by ernest ranglin such as True Love Dub. Also influences of pink floyd, JImi hendrix and Lenny Kravitz. De grouped and continued as Soul Vibes with three albums to date. Jack Reeds Guns, Wave and Vitamin time.

There is also a Soul Vibrations out of Guam.

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