• Neighbors, where are thou?

    Mar 30 2006, 23:54 di mega_codem

    Well, It's either that I'm too unique in my music preferences or last.fm does not work properly.
    After the reset of stats never had any neighbors with the "match value" more then 3...
    Ok, I can see how Led Zeppilin and Zero 7 do not go along too well... Or Soul Ballet and Bob Dylan. But still, it's hard to believe that among thousands of thousands of Last.fm users no one listens to the same music pattern.

    I have a poster on my wall, with a really nice picture of a snow flake, and a little quote:
    "Always Remember That You Are Unique. Just Like Everybody Else."
  • Albums for sick kids

    Mar 15 2006, 3:49 di mega_codem

  • Cleaning up

    Mar 9 2006, 1:57 di mega_codem

    Well, I have decided.
    I registered, on the original Audioscrobbler, back in December 2004. Back then I was really into punk rock, nu metal, alternative, and other cr*p like that. Well, no, not crap. I still enjoy Korn, The Offspring, Significant Other by Limb Bizkit, and sometimes even Slipknot.
    Since then all those bands were in my Top 5 overall artist lists, and getting them out of there would require 24\7 playing of music.

    As you probably guessed, what made me to reset the profile and all my tags was the radical change in music "habits". Now it's all jazzy-loungy-trip-hop stuff which I greatly enjoy. For example Soul Ballet, Thievery Corporation, Yonderboi, Air and lots of other great music.

    One of the reasons for having this music profile is very trivial - someone asks, in some chat or whatnot, what kind of music you listen to. Well, actually naming bands is just very un-original, so I give them a link. Some impressed, some confused, some click on "register" and become Last.fm fans for life :)
  • First Entry. Bi-lingua, too!

    Mar 7 2006, 0:44 di mega_codem

    Ah, the long awaited weekly-top chart!
    And for Ford's sake(refers to the novel Brave New World), don't pay attention to all those silly grammar mistakes you'll find in the gibberish below.

    1. Nirvana
    открыл для себя их ранние альбомы и по новой втянуло. Очень странно, в окружение ну совсем не вписывается!
    2. Yonderboi
    you might call it a love from the first track. I still consider his album Shallow and Profound to be one of the best albums in that genre. The reason I wrote "that" is because it is a little hard for me to classify to which specific genre this type of music belongs - it is unique, it is original, and the artist's name clearly doesn't go along with it very well(as my dad concluded after I told him that these great tracks were made by "Yonderboi").
    3. Thievery Corporation:
    Ну, это святое =) Пополнил коллекцию их _не-новым_ альбомом Sounds From the Thievery Hi-Fi, собственно он в основном и составил долю "Воров" в недельной музыке.