• Live at the Quarry 2007/11/08

    9 Nov 2007, 16:32 by DrSturm

    Thu 8 Nov – Benson Wells, Weaver at the Loom

    I really gotta' set a standard for how I title these.
    Anyways, yesterday was quite the epic show. I was extremely shocked, because Weaver At the Loom was really surprisingly awesome. Like, seriously good, it is a damn fucking shame that so few people showed for this event, because they really deserve some recognition (thankfully a few dozen people had lined up to grab their EP after the show). They weren't the best performers, but what the lacked in stage presence they CERTAINLY made up for in musical beauty. Listening to the EP right now, though, I suppose they are quite fantastic performers because I'm noticing quite a few changes between how the songs play out recorded and how they played out on stage. I liked the live versions so much better. They were cooler. >_>
    Benson Wells I really don't want to talk about. They were fun back stage (so was Weaver at the Loom), but on stage... …
  • Live at the Quarry - again

    26 Oct 2007, 22:11 by DrSturm

    Thu 25 Oct – Run Kid Run, The Send, A Dream Too Late, SoSaveMe, Only A Hero

    Okay. I kind of helped with this event. Kind of. I volunteered for the committee that organizes and plans the Quarry events, and I got to advertise and clean up and hang out with the bands - more on that later.
    The first band up was Only A Hero, who changed their name a few days ago to For All Those Sleeping or something similar, and they played (if I recall correctly) three songs. Musically they were rather dull (though, particularly from what I saw pre-show, very talented instrumentally). Performance-wise, however, they were quite entertaining. I have to wonder how four guys running around on stage jumping all over the place, bending to the waist with each beat managed to not collide on such a tiny stage, particularly one with a hole in the middle of it.
    Then came Sosaveme, and they were pretty good. I bought the little EP they had on sale, and it's pretty enjoyable, though definitely better live. …