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  • Avatar for GodLord0
    great band
  • Avatar for Trysak
    No Satan without God as well as no God without Satan.Its all Christian BM but negative or positive,thats it.
  • Avatar for Happy_Funeral
    lol, everyone's so angry. [3] Yes pretty good unblack and the production is okay for me.
  • Avatar for mrmichel0927
    Pretty good, but the production could use a bit of polish
  • Avatar for OceanSoul121
    For those who hate "unblack" because of the lyrics...what about LOTR/fantasy themed bands like Summoning and Immortal? Shouldn't you hate those bands because they don't glorify evil?
  • Avatar for nomoresorrow777
  • Avatar for SeveralPeople
    lol, everyone's so angry. [2]
  • Avatar for Ikilledmyself
    another peace of shit "music" band... go and love your fucked up "god"...
  • Avatar for Jonzo67
    I love how fans of Black Metal, traditionally a style of music that promotes rebellion, now get uptight over the same thing that Christians did about black metal.
  • Avatar for Profoundemonium
    Another loathsome christwhore who wants to fit in with the metal crowd by imitating a style that predominantly promotes the contrary.
  • Avatar for MichaelF1234
    Better than Horde? No, I completely disagree.
  • Avatar for lyna666
    To mimic satanic music, is to shame your god. Do you think he needs you on the battlefield? Your god proclaims a lot of shit. Please create beautyful music for it is what your god says he has created, to glorify him not Satan. Think, as you create this unblack metal. Who does it glorify? We are at war! So thanks if you keep creating, it feeds the dark arts. We will just disregard your veiws your beliefs and everything you stand for. Lie to yourself, defend your gods honor, cry out to him, pray in vain........ Keep up the Evil work. May Wotan lead you and Gia protect you. Your gonna need it..... Hail War, Death, Blood, and Honor!
  • Avatar for Jezebelinhell
  • Avatar for Baggypipes
    Lmao @ the band logo. I'd say it's tied with Triste for the Most Unreadable Band Logo award.
  • Avatar for blabberjesusrad
    Check out this artist on BlabberJesus Radio!
  • Avatar for Sirski
    what bullshit
  • Avatar for mazziexhardyz
    amazing black metal! buy Onward!!!
  • Avatar for korneelmetal777
    Check out the new song at !

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