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  1. Baphomets Horns, were a war metal band based out of Southern, CT from 2005 - 2010. They personally describe their sound as "Satanic War…

  2. There is more than one artist with this name:

    1.) Black\Death Metal from Wellington, NZ.


    2.) UK Industrial.

    Heresiarch is a…

  3. Black Metal from the United States of America (Rhode Island / Connecticut). Current line-up is JF (Guitar, Bass) and DM (Vocals, Drums).

  4. Slaughtbbath was formed in mid 2002 by SkullShredder (guitar) and SelfDesecrator (vocals) in San Vicente de Tagua Tagua, being one of the first…

  5. Bestial black/death metal from Italy.

  6. REV 16:8 is a black metal band hailing from Stockholm, Sweden formed in 2008. Formerly known as Bloodshed and Scythe.

    On the 12th of February,…

  7. Bestial Black/Death Metal from Thailand,formed in 2003.

    Current Zygoatsis line up:
    Ekachot - Bass
    Sunyaluxx - Drums
    Patiwat - Guitars
    Avaejee -…

  8. New P. Helmkamp and J. Read (with B. Wolaniuk) band from San Francisco, California, USA. Playing bestial black/death.

  9. There are 3 bands named NECROHOLOCAUST.

    Necroholocaust (Canada) Black Metal

    Necroholocaust (Brazil)…

  10. Apocalypse Command is a bestial black metal / war metal group formed in Tampa, USA in 2006. The group consists of Gene Palubicki of Angelcorpse…

  11. Danish Black/Death Metal band formed in 2006.

    Dawn of the Nuclear Holocaust - Demo, 2008
    Nuclear War - Split w/ Offerkult, 2009…

  12. Black/Death Metal band from Germany .

    They are signed at Bleak Bone Mortualia.

    "Thorybos" means "riot", "tumult", "disorder" in ancient Greek.

  13. Manticore was formed in 2000 by members Ixitichitl, The Maggot Wrangler and Satanael, to express their ideology and play the kind of music they…

  14. Bestial old school black/death metal from the US. Formed in 2005. They have one full length album out, titled "Desecrated Temple of Impurity".…

  15. Hades Archer is a Black Metal band from Chile (Santiago) which was formed in 2005

    Nabucodonosor III - Guitar, Vocals and Bass (Force of…

  16. Triumphator is a side project featuring members from Marduk and Funeral Mist. Until now they did one full studio album; the band is currently on…

  17. Sadomator is Black Metal/Death Metal band from Glamsbjerg, Denmark. Until 2005 they were known as Sadogoat. They play a similar style of oldschool…

  18. Current members:
    Mortifer - Vocals
    Perditor - All instruments (Arfsynd)

    ORCIVUS was officially founded in January 2006 by Perditor, whose ambition…

  19. Nidsang was formed 2004/2005 of 4 members, Korpr- drums, Amducious- vocals/guitar, Blodshird- bas and Hat- guitar. The goal was and still is to…


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