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  • I guess it is labled shoegaze because they did a cover of Slowdive's Summer Day. which is a shoegaze song.
  • shoegaze? where? [2]
  • Sorgeldom= Mental Illness Metal. Or what I think (one of the band's lyrical themes is Schizophrenia). If you like this listen to the band 'Selbstentleibung' as their very similar.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyQBfpTfnMs&feature=youtu.be
  • The more I listen, the better it seems to become. It's just too good. Addictive, perfect. No matter in what direction it strays, it always meets itself in the middle sensationally.
  • shoegaze? where?
  • To Where Your Tracks End nourishes my soul.
  • These guys kinda sound like Ved Buens Ende... if VBE had a tendency for meandering and over self-indulgence.
  • I like the music, I don't like the production of Innerlig one bit though. No bass at all and sounds like it was recorded through a tin can.
  • The two new albums "VITHATTEN" & "...FROM OUTER INTELLIGENCES" are now in stock and available for 7 EUR / each + shipping. SALE OFFER get all 4 released albums + T-shirt for 40 EURO + shipping.
  • enjoying this album in a year full of half-fulfilling metal albums.
  • Both new albums released today are so fuckin' boring.
  • Sorgeldom, Dråpsnatt, Totalt Jävla Mörker... Vilka andra band från Skellefteå finns som låter lika grymma och är värda att lyssna på?
  • Sorgeldom T-shirts now available for pre-order! Read our blog entry at myspace for more info!
  • new album soon, can't wait!
  • @HisEyesWereDark: The Galaxy Of Dreams
  • A brand new Sorgeldom song have been uplaoded to myspace! http://www.myspace.com/sorgeldom
  • "Inner Receivings" review (ger): http://www.mescaline-injection.de/?p=7103
  • Not implying anything, but it kinda seems like some bands mention showgaze just for the automatic publicity it nets from all the Alcest fans (not that there's anything wrong with liking it) and lack the slightest fucking idea what shoegaze is (hint: listen to at least 10 albums from the key bands). As for Sorgeldom, I can't say for sure because I got bored after ten minutes of their generic Ved Buens Ende worship. The Slowdive cover is half-assed.
  • New review of "Inner Receivings", read here: http://ow.ly/23ZgV
  • Inner Receivings is great.
  • Сгорел дом)
  • Well that's one fucking refreshing band.
  • Hmm some interesting riffs. Quite promising so far.
  • Sorgeldom - Inner Receivings out now! The album can be purchased by contact us at myspace, email or by contact me or Vinterlik here at last.fm.
  • \m/
  • Innerlig Förmörkelse, can now be purchased directly from the band for 10Eur + postage rate. You can order it by contact us at myspace, e-mail: Sorgeldom@gmail.com, or by contact me or "Vinterlik" here at Last.fm
  • Does anyone know where can I find their demo?
  • Bra skit!
  • Bra musik. Sången är faktiskt ganska unik, jag gillar det. Ska hålla koll på det här.

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