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  • Same for me. SE's bass lines are like endorphines for me. Upload the freaking album now.
  • Please, I want to hear some new gorgeous drums and vox and super-atmo-guitars and megacool bass lines (btw I love SE' bass more than other sounds in band).
  • Du måste finnas, Sore eyelids, du måste!
  • What day it is? Wednesday. End of torture.
  • Let's talk about how I traveled forty minutes to my friend's house last night and tried to rip the album, then I overheated his laptop and lost my progress and left in utter aggravation. (Nevermind, let's not talk about that). Good to see this issue is being sorted out by official channels! I hope the album is priced reasonably, I'll probably just download it for free from a file sharing service since I already have the album physically. But as long as it's under $8 I'll gladly buy the digital version.
  • hey, the new album will be available to buy on mp3 at this WEDNESDAY! sorry for taking so long with setting up so you all can get the mp3 and still support the band. we're stupid and slow. it'll be priced reasonably and all that. thanks for the patience and support!
  • No need to check funkysouls. They bring news about SE right from here or Facebook mostly.
  • I'll be checking and funkysouls regularly to see if it gets released there as well.
  • Avanillasky, all hopes are placed in you.
  • I have the LP, but I can't rip it and it sucks.
  • This wait seems like an eternity.
  • Ladies and gents, sorry if I'm keeping you waiting. Truth is I don't have immediate access to a record player with an mp3 convertor. Sorry! It also doesn't help that I've been working 10+ hours a day for the past three days. You guys are in my thoughts though haha, I'll rip it as soon as possible. Hopefully someone gets to do it before me - I can't be the only person in the country with this album and hopefully that other person can get to a converter.
  • Refresh, refresh, refresh. Anavanillasky, where are you dude?!
  • waiting [3]
  • Waiting :D
  • Fuck yeah POST THAT SHIT. I'm hyped as balls.
  • Great news! Thanks, avanillasky!
  • Yessssss, Carpi 2007 and Can't Breathe are my favorite tracks, so glad they decided to re-recorded these songs <3 <3 <3 Can't wait to hear the album.
  • Tracklist: 1. I Wish I Could Believin' You 2. Can't Breathe 3. Over 4. Heart Like A Wishing Well 5. What's Left For Us Now? 6. Still, I'm Here 7. Du har glomt mej 8. 365 Days of Nothing 9. Carpi 2007 10. Depending On
  • Great! that's one of my favorite songs. Avanillasky, can you write the tracklist please?
  • Yeap.
  • I think there's a re-recorded version of Can't Breathe in the new album.
  • Oh God yes, please, thanks in advance. <3
  • My LP came in today! My record player isn't a convertor but if by tomorrow no ones uploaded it I'll go to a friend's and do you all the favor of ripping it. <3
  • new best pictures
  • I was almost in despair but thanks to this tracks I can wait a little longer.
  • emague, thank you very much, dude.
  • That's all.
  • Can someone rip music from this and this ?
  • I'm in awe right now. Wide Eyes is one of my favorite songs of all time, The Beautiful Mistake has always been one of those bands that I thought was universally underappreciated. Knowing that they mean as much to these three guys as they do to me is such a stellar thing. Brb breaking out my TBM t-shirt. \m/_
  • I'm glad this band exists, We love You, Karl and Henning!
  • There's a new link where you can download it for free:
  • how to download it free ??
  • el cover de mew es maravilloso
  • hey, some extra stuff from the sore eyelids album recording: covers, pics, gifs and vids! make sure to spread them around and re-upload and whatnot. also please notify sore eyelids on facebook if the link stops working. also, thanks for your great support as always! for those of you who can't afford to buy the record / don't have a record player / some other reason - hang in there, i'm sure the record will surface soon enough on the internet.
  • can't breathe without lp!plz Henning be quick !
  • @_@
  • Every hour? I'm refreshing it every 5 minutes. I haven't normal sleep for two days lying in bed in 5 am so I'm late on my job and my boss is killing me. I can't work normal, I can't sleep normal, I'm tired of all the music in my fucking playlist! Please stop this.
  • Leaving aside the funny side, yes, Im dying to get a rip or something. I have two days refreshing this @#%& page every hour.
  • "This shoutbox has turned into a torture chamber" HAHAHA.
  • Ditto, It's kinda unfair, i'm pretty sure if i buy the album right now it'll come in a month and a few weeks :( not to mention ridiculous shipping fares. BUT HEY! I'm pretty sure it's gonna be completely amazingly sweet. You guys are all awesome, dawg.
  • This shoutbox has turned into a torture chamber.
  • It's 4 am here. I didn't sleep night again. I'm really waiting for that album, it's so cruel.
  • I have to listen that album nowwww
  • fuuuuuuuuck rip album pleeease
  • more info here


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