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  1. 南野陽子(Yoko Minamino) is Japanese j-pop singer and actress.
    She is main cast actress in Japanese TV drama series "スケバン刑事II 少女鉄仮面伝説" at 1985-1986.

  2. Around 10 o'clock April 8, 1986, the 18-year-old Yukiko was found with a slashed wrist in her gas-filled Tokyo apartment, crouching in a closet and…

  3. 松本典子

  4. 薬師丸ひろ子(Hiroko Yakushimaru) is Japanese female j-pop singer and actress.
    She is main cast actress of Japanese movie "セーラー服と機関銃"(Sailor-fuku to…

  5. 榊原郁恵

  6. Correct tag: 斉藤由貴

    Yuki Saitō (斉藤由貴, Saitō Yuki) is a singer-songwriter, actor, essayist, poet, and Mormon born on September 10, 1966 in Minami-ku,…

  7. 河合奈保子

  8. 石野真子

  9. 松本伊代

  10. 桜田淳子

  11. 渡辺真知子.

  12. Chiyoko Shimakura (島倉千代子, Shimakura Chiyoko) is a female Enka singer and TV presenter in Japan.
    Her singer career is prevalent for almost 50…

  13. 伊藤咲子

  14. 西田ひかる

  15. Correct to ジュディ・オング.

  16. Please also see 辛島美登里 page.

  17. 渡辺典子

  18. 西村知美

  19. Takako Ohta (太田貴子) is a female Jpop 80s idol


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