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  • How Are Things In Glocca Morra? is a righteous tune.
  • Sax Hero.
  • G-Man.
  • whats the name of his 1986 years albom??
  • Happy 80th Birthday Sonny!
  • 9-7-2010 Sonny Rollins 80!! happy birthday!!
  • Best wishes today maestro and many many more
  • happy birthday!:)
  • Happy Birthday Mr. Rollins. Blow till the end of the world.
  • Fuck everyone who tagged this as "instrumental".
  • What an inspiration he is and the music is beautiful!!!
  • I saw him perform at MoldeJazz in Norway last night, and it was an amazing experience!!
  • Ohh! God! Amazing!!!^+^
  • Saxophone Colossus is perfection.
  • art..
  • perfect
  • ;)
  • The Colossus!
  • I saw him at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC last week performing with Bob Cranshaw (his pass player) and his band. Amazing for him to still tour internationally at 79 years old! xo
  • looove him;)
  • If anyone can somehow find a recording of him playing "It Don't Mean A Thing" in Stockholm, in 1959. I would be much obliged. I saw the video on youtube a year ago but it was taken down unfortunately.
  • Jungoso.....damn its been a minute since i heard those drums patting in my right ear.
  • still has the same beauty his music had 50 years ago just before his brooklyn bridge days.
  • 96... even nicer ;) i wish i would live that long in such a great condition :)
  • jacek - check out pinetop perkins, a blues pianoist. he wil be 100 soon, still playing gigs ;]
  • Gotta love that Sax!
  • He's 79 and still giving concerts... nice
  • His Jazz music lifts my spirits :)
  • He's coming to Stockholm Jazz Festival. Sweet.
  • I like his music :)
  • I love sonny, he's one of my Tenor heroes
  • I listened him at Teatro Orfeo - Milano... many years ago. What a energy. great!!! ;)
  • Join the group [group]Sonny Rollins[/group]
  • Had the pleasure of seeing Sonny in concert! Among some of the best music to paint to!
  • he is the newk
  • [url=][/URL] Join, please. Thanku
  • Rolling sonic
  • So little listeners for such brilliance.
  • Tomorrow night! 6:30pm. Sonny in Chicago!
  • you gotta love it
  • its great and greater love it!!
  • THIS.... for me!
  • Great Sonny...
  • Can anyone suggest which album to try next? had Saxophone Colossus for about a year know, and love it to bits.
  • More than once during his long career, this sacred monster tenor saxophone withdrew from the jazz scene, plagued with doubt, it was said. But he always found a place in the foreground, stubbornly asserting its presence and its masterly sense of improvisation.
  • Seeing Newk in the '70's at the Vanguard was a peak for me in my High School days. A couple, talking too loud, ignored the bop the whole set. Sonny, still playing, walked to their table, placed the bell of his tenor on it, and honked his low B flat key at them. Awesome (and effective)!
  • The Bridge is such a beautiful record.
  • Would be a contender for the greatest improviser ever. I've seen him twice in the past year. He's still going strong. any fans of Sonny Rollins vol. 2, w/ the Monk guest appearnace?
  • Saw the old boy at the Barbican this weekend, still blowing strong at 77 and still playing St Thomas.
  • ba du chi chi chi ba du du chi du chi du du chi


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