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  • Avatar for VenusTheMermaid
    don't touch my breast
  • Avatar for iwudprefernotto
    Paul-ee-na... ASHLEY
  • Avatar for tahbyfet
    guitar noise is top-notch
  • Avatar for ricky_rice
    I'm from Sherman Oaks
  • Avatar for jpzitoleopold
    Ακούστε αυτή τη μαλακία που συμβαίνει ...... και μαλακίες του .. ΑΓΑΠΗ KIM G
  • Avatar for jesuiscronopia
    dat intro
  • Avatar for vibracobra
    One Word to describe this song - Cool
  • Avatar for NathelieJulienn
    This is perfect.
  • Avatar for mcflyyoubojo
    Dreams of going to the Grammys Til you poked me with your whammy
  • Avatar for abunono
    Écoutez cette merde qui se passe ...... et sa connerie .. AMOUR KIM G
  • Avatar for valkyierra54
    Listen this shit happens......and its bullshit.. LOVE KIM G
  • Avatar for heads_bullet
    fucking classic
  • Avatar for Shwang_Shwinga
    Liars and HEALTH give thanks.
  • Avatar for OneSalient
    Why are you so mean-o?
  • Avatar for tomrud73
    love the beginning of this song. thats about it
  • Avatar for PartySanCTG
    Wow, Jackson is right. How could I sound like such a douche a year ago?
  • Avatar for stephen_laurie
    I love the way she says all the girls' names at the end of the song. [2]
  • Avatar for riot_grrrl77
    This makes me laugh
  • Avatar for idanyasioux
    Kim Gordon <3
  • Avatar for guitar__guy
    Somehow I wasn't into this first time's cool as fuck
  • Avatar for Bub_Clifton
    And once again, Kim makes me laugh by trying to shoot for "angry" and topping out at "constipated". - Best comment ever hahahaha.
  • Avatar for bwanaDik
    i'm swimming
  • Avatar for JaJaJacksonx
    And once again, another random douchebag makes me laugh by insulting Kim's vocals. VV
  • Avatar for PartySanCTG
    And once again, Kim makes me laugh by trying to shoot for "angry" and topping out at "constipated".
  • Avatar for calsimon
    i ain't trying to touch your breast [...] [2]
  • Avatar for DeadlockVictim
  • Avatar for IanCad
    why are you so meano
  • Avatar for krischanski
  • Avatar for Snick422
  • Avatar for Bobby357
    i ain't trying to touch your breast dammit.....
  • Avatar for FindFelicity
    And I ain't giving you head in a Sunset bungalow.
  • Avatar for conduit1984
    That guitar tone is percussive. Duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh
  • Avatar for kidnapjesus
    Dont touch my breast!
  • Avatar for kakra
    80% glenn branca
  • Avatar for ln2x
    i don't wanna be a sensation.
  • Avatar for trackaghost
    I love the way she says all the girls' names at the end of the song.
  • Avatar for ln2x
  • Avatar for heads_bullet
    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh love this fucking song
  • Avatar for surferrosa65
    great song against sexual herassment at geffen-company and everywhere. !!!
  • Avatar for absolia
    god this song fucking destroys.
  • Avatar for leandromiziara
    super, hiper, sonic; YOUTH
  • Avatar for seriesfinale
    the drums in this are fucking amazing
  • Avatar for FindFelicity
    Marry me Kim Gordon.
  • Avatar for frankmarkerink1
  • Avatar for PUSMO
  • Avatar for skazzembar
    not to sound wishy-washy, but suddenly i'm really digging her vocals. i guess it's sort of an acquired taste hahaha
  • Avatar for Marcol-oso
    Kim's my mother...
    everything is great about this song except for kim's voice tough grrl she is not, her voice is best suited to dreamy spoken word poetry.
  • Avatar for jane_eyre07
    This song contains some of my favorite lyrics. I love Kim Gordon!


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