• Like The Onion's Random Rules, except I'm not famous...

    21 May 2007, 05:52 by argus

    So yeah, I'm just going to post about the next several songs that pop up on random from my winamp player.

    Harry Nilsson- Driving Along. It's a pretty simple concept for a song, but this nails the commuting experience completely, even though I personally go by train.

    Slade - Run Run Away. Someone I know online put together a two disc glam-rock compilation and this was on it. It's a pretty ludicrous song, but I love it; it's kind of like a call-and-response song you'd learn while marching in boy scout camp that happens to be presented in the form of a huge glossy pop metal anthem.

    The Real Tuesday WeldOne More Chance. I, Luciferis a terrifically unique album, and I really need to check out the novel of the same name by Glen Duncan it's based on. I really like the smoky nightclub feel of this track.

    Sonic Youth Scooter + Jinx. I just really like that one of the "songs" on their major label debut is a minute of feedback. …