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  • Avatar for Syndicaidramon
    Yeah. It was.
  • Avatar for MoogInRow
    On the topic of The Unguided I liked Hell Frost but Fragile Immortality was boring
  • Avatar for Syndicaidramon
    The only thing The Unguided has going for it in terms of post-LAOD evolution is the lyrics, which are way beyond most of what can be found on WRTN, which was that album's weakest point by far. Self titled album improved in that regard, but had, for the most part, rather lackluster songwriting... And while Hellfrost was a decently diverse album, Fragile Immortality was just incredibly samey. Every song felt like a copy/paste.
  • Avatar for Syndicaidramon
    @MachineAnimal: I can't say I agree. The Unguided is far too safe and mainstream imo. Honestly, when listening to a lot of their tracks, they're really not too far from WRTN in terms of commercial appeal. Except that they're absolutely drowning in poppy synths most of the time, which ends up making them sound MORE commercially accessible than WRTN ever was. I mean, at least WRTN had tracks like "Break of Day", "Heart of Eve" and "Dead And Gone". What's the fastest, heaviest track The Unguided has? I'd say "Collapse My Dream" and it's on the level of an average Sonic Syndicate track at best in terms of intensity and energy.
  • Avatar for MoogInRow
    Id say that LAOD was their downfall, it had a few worthwhile tracks on it but a lot of the choruses never stuck out or were that memorable and some of the softer Alt Rock tracks were cringeworthy boring to sit through.
  • Avatar for MachineAnimal
    The Unguided sounds like what Sonic Syndicate should have evolved into after Love and Other Disasters. Yeah, they sound slightly different but I want my bands to evolve.
  • Avatar for Syndicaidramon
    To be fair, The Unguided is hardly anything resembling "real Sonic Syndicate" either. Save from having the same vocalists and guitarist, they sound nothing like golden era Sonic Syndicate.
  • Avatar for allen7
    this is not sonic syndicate anymore....real sonic syndicate is ''The Unguided'' only thing that is missing in that band is Karin :)
  • Avatar for picsoule
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  • Avatar for ThrashGangsters
    Check out ThrashGangsters new video clip "Terror Has Begun"
  • Avatar for Guuy
    Affliction <3
  • Avatar for BrootalK1d
    the first three albums are their best works imo
  • Avatar for Syndicaidramon
    I still maintain that LAOD is their best album, followed by OI and then Eden Fire. Honestly, I actually think their latest is the weakest. Weaker than WRTN. Not as insulting or out of character, mind you, but in terms of how the melodies and choruses are written, it is by far the lowest of the bunch. WRTN did at least have some really catchy choruses, despite being more what one would expect of a far more commercial band than SoSy...
  • Avatar for rusverm
    Приглашаю в критику и аналитику рок-песен В группе много полезного.
  • Avatar for MachineAnimal
    Kaaoszine reviewed Sonic Syndicate - Sonic Syndicate 9/10 and The Unguided - Fragile Immortality 7½/10. I might just agree with that.
  • Avatar for MachineAnimal
    On the new album the verses, choruses and lyrics are better than before. :)
  • Avatar for Lextasys
    different albums - different sound I like new stuff as well [2]
  • Avatar for sharp-clawed
    different albums - different sound I like new stuff as well
  • Avatar for Seelentau
    I don't even really listen to SS, but the "new" one is a joke. The Unguided doesn't sound quite right as well... wish they would just put up the initial SS again, with the original members. :(
  • Avatar for BogdanBULLET
    OI > EF > LAOD > SS > WRTN
  • Avatar for L00NATIC
    Rip Eden Fire time - the real SS. Never forget
  • Avatar for Syndicaidramon
    Dreamshade just released their new single and it is amazing! Must-listen for every fan of Modern Melodic Metal.
  • Avatar for rusverm
    В критике рок-песен группу очень любит админ
  • Avatar for bloody72
    pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Sonic Syndicate
  • Avatar for alexrukanog
  • Avatar for MachineAnimal
    Correction: Dead and Gone was on the limited edition. Heart of Eve on the iTunes one I think.
  • Avatar for MachineAnimal
    Dead and Gone and Heart of Eve were only on some forsaken iTunes edition of WRTN but yeah, they are pretty good songs.
  • Avatar for iPowers
    I think the problem isn't Nathan, i think the problem is the instrumental. I mean let's be honest here. If they sounded like they used to but had Nathan singing, I think we'd all be very happy.
  • Avatar for Syndicaidramon
    @MachineAnimal: I don't understand how you can say that the choruses were particularly catchy. When comparing them to the choruses of OI and LAOD, they are not even close to being equally as catchy. No love for "Dead And Gone" or "Heart of Eve"? Those were both from WRTN and arguably two of the better tracks...
  • Avatar for Syndicaidramon
    Stop being such a fanboy tard. Nathan is a great singer. On a technical note, he is even more skilled than Roland (not hating on Roland mind you, he's awesome). So stop hating.
  • Avatar for Unsraw
    The production of the last album is really impersonal... In addition, Nathan j biggs sucks. He became a parody of himself (and with some auto tune). Don't be foolish ! The brains of the group are no longer there !! Check The unguided for a more powerfull and inspired sound ! New EP is out now !
  • Avatar for mibustas
    Unbreakable is the best in the new album , how can you possibly dislike it... anyway , not rly a big fan of the new album...
  • Avatar for MachineAnimal
    I just disagree with you. I feel it's very catchy through out. Especially the choruses. I feel WRTN was a mixed bag with way too sugary lyrics and melodies that remind me of Backstreet Boys. I also actually like "Turn It Up". It's a cheesy party rock song but somehow gets me always pumped and in a good mood. Still on WRTN it felt like they didn't know at all what direction they wanted to go in. For me "My Own Life" is the worst Sonic Syndicate song ever. The songs I liked from WRTN were Burn This City, Turn It Up, Plans Are For People, Break of Day and the title track.
  • Avatar for Syndicaidramon
    I honestly wish there was more influence from WRTN, or at least OI and LAOD on the new album. I appreciate going heavy again, but the new album could use some more catchy tunes and choruses...
  • Avatar for Syndicaidramon
    I don't think it sounds generic. It's really catchy and it has by far the best chorus on the entire album. So what if it sounds like it could've been on WRTN? WRTN was a good album in its own right. It wasn't a SoSy album, but for what it was, as a standalone album, it was pretty good. Minus "Turn It Up", which was a crappy song even when taken on its own...
  • Avatar for MachineAnimal
    To me it sounds like it could be from We Rule the Night. Too much pop and generic.
  • Avatar for Syndicaidramon
    How do you NOT like Unbreakable? O_o
  • Avatar for MachineAnimal
    With the new album they actually give The Unguided a run for their money.
  • Avatar for MachineAnimal
    I still think the new album is great. Only song I don't really like is Unbreakable. Faves: Black Hole Halo, Before You Finally Break, Catching Fire, It Takes Me.
  • Avatar for Syndicaidramon
    V Which track? Besides, this band is not at all a manufactured one. They're just a regular band that started out independently, like most others.
  • Avatar for Vampyric
    So bad. Just so embarrassingly bad. A manufactured 'metal' band if ever there was one. The cringe factor was so high when I was listening to one of their tracks that I nearly vomited.
  • Avatar for Syndicaidramon
    Saw them live last week. Man, they are just as good live as ever. Perhaps even better. Nathan is an absolute beast on stage. Great persona and great performance. Robin is also doing great on harsh vocals (and even occational cleans, like on Before You Finally Break). If you get the chance, go see them. Totally worth it.
  • Avatar for AnnyxD
    Please come to Spain =)we love you <3
  • Avatar for CVince9
    Eden fire is decent
  • Avatar for Syndicaidramon
    VV I can't believe someone that is ten years older than 15 years old actually said that... Man, how embarrassing...
  • Avatar for Lazarus_132
    gaylord "metal" for little girls. I cannot imagine that there are humans out there, listening to that soulless music. Maybe Unicorns but... humans?
  • Avatar for Sir_David_Jones
    One of the latest photos of the band, thumbs up!
  • Avatar for Switchkillers
    If you like the old-school SS, Check my tribute video of this band in youtube :
  • Avatar for Syndicaidramon
    I can't really get into the new album as a whole, honestly. I dig the verses -- all the songs have kickass verses... But most of them also have really shitty choruses. Which are supposed to be the best part of the songs. Only "Unbreakable" had a really good chorus, imo. Though I must say I REALLY like that one. The chorus in What We Shared has two parts, where the first part is boring, but the second part, which plays for the first time in the second chorus, is really good. Aside from that, there are the choruses in Black Hole Halo, Before You Finally Break and Diabolical Work of Art, which are okay, and then the rest are crap. A couple of them are even astoundingly bad...
  • Avatar for My_Sharona
    New album is decent enough considering... Enjoying more than I expected honestly


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