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Sonic Derp was formed in the very depths of hell in late January of 2012. It began with Mick Bynes (vocals/guitar/pedophile) and Kevin Monahan (bass/vocals/chicken).

Bynes and Monahan were originally supposed to start up a band as early as early 2008, but then Bynes started licking sausages. There was sex over the phone, but nobody ejaculated. Monahan was in a band called The Penis Yogis. Due to location differences and other commitments, the two never collaborated until 1976. They were a black technical death metal outfit Abysshorde, but Byne's penis didn’t go too far. Abysshorde has one sex tape that never saw the light of day, so Bynes and Monahan had fucked each other as quickly as possible. They are primarily a faggot band with a mix of pedophilia. They are influenced by artists such as The Children Rapists, Don King's All Star Baby Fuckers, Crash Bandicoot and Really Fucking Depraved Homosexuals.

Igbert Gays (drums/wenus rubber) joined them in February 2012. He is a semi-permanent ass kisser who does whatever Mick Bynes says so. Their childern are handled by Bynes, but he does not want to credit himself as the pedo. He wanted to originally join Don King's All Star Baby Fuckers as the second faggot, but he may perform if a permanent testicle sucker is found. If one does not join, Gays will be the permanent drummer.

They have the Sonic Derp sex tape and that is their first release. The band fools around and they’re horny & disturbing sex partners. This band does not stall or procrastinate for anything, especially achieving orgasm, if you know what I mean. They are a fast hard working orgy. They want to get their semen available in a fast manner and they want their fans to enjoy them having twisted sex. Their goal is for people to have an excellent time and to have fun. This is what Bynes says. Note: Bynes is a liar.

They released their full-length penis, Fuckaboutlikeanarse, on March 20, 2012. They immediately took it down because there will be no full-length penises attributed to this band. Their sophomore album Byne's Kid Boner Adventure was released March 30, 2012.

For more about Sonic Derp, please check the FBI's Most Wanted Child Molesters.


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