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Sonata Arctica

I Want Out (3:52)


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  • I found the original version too slow, this is great for me. He conveys emotion in the lyrics well [2]
  • The HammerFall version is better :)
  • I found the original version too slow, this is great for me. He conveys emotion in the lyrics well
  • wut bout da Hammerfall verison?
  • wut bout da hammerfall verison?
  • Yep, original is infinitely better. Kiske sings it better and this version is too fast.
  • Kai Hansen: "It's a good version, but too damn fast!" Tony from Takatalvi booklet: ""..And today I must say I agree with Kai. Sorry."
  • I prefer Sonata Arctica's cover because is faster than original version...
  • I want you for the horde!
  • Greatest piece of Shit I've ever heard.
  • This is like the cover Rhapsody did for "Guardians": technically good, but it doesn't express the same feelings and the magic of the original version
  • helloween better sing this song
  • better than original , i love sonata arctica ,
  • I like this version more than the original, but then again I'm not a big fan of Helloween, they get on my nerves a bit :|
  • Helloween is soo much better the only thing thats good here is the rythm
  • Love this band, but this cover fucking blows. Original is infinitely better.
  • i want out! esta cancion tiene mucho signicado. buenisima
  • I much prefer this to the original although both versions are pretty cool..
  • In your library (44 plays) I love it!
  • This is absolutely best version of "I want out"
  • Bit too mild-mannered for the explosive theme of the lyrics - if I'm going to listen to a cover of this song, Hammerfall's version is far better at capturing the fury of someone who finally snaps at all the idiots telling them how to live.
  • I want out.. to live my life and to be free.. *-*
  • la migliore, è stupenda
  • I really love this version
  • Gay. :P
  • not bad.but the original is better.
  • this cover ist krieg
  • Pretty good cover.
  • Good cover from a great band. I've definitely heard worse..........Although........"The Keeper of the Seven Keys" version will always rule!!!!!
  • this is really bad, agreed no conviction in the vocals, but obviously not as good a vocalist.
  • vocals have no conviction. Helloween's > this
  • Way better than Helloween's
  • Although this is a cover of power metal godfathers' [track artist=Helloween]I Want Out[/track], sorry [artist]Helloween[/artist] but IMO [artist]Sonata Arctica[/artist] did it the way it is meant to be :). In addition to the complete remix, Tony's vocals give the song an intense emotional effect. Very impressive song indeed.
  • This cover is much better than the original :)
  • Don't like the too-keyboard-heavy intro, but it gets better from there.
  • fabulous cover!
  • Sonata did a good job.
  • Amazing song.
  • oh yeah an amazing cover band
  • Sonata is a good cover band, that's for sure.
  • great cover!
  • awesome stuff man
  • A great cover song! :D

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