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  • Avatar for VadiushaKomarov
    rating 8.5/10
  • Avatar for GuitarEffects
    the revisited version sucks really, wtf, why doing such a shit version of an awesome album? why guys??
  • Avatar for DreamyGirl-
    still best album by Sonata [8] <33
  • Avatar for Fran_turunen
    still best album by Sonata [7]
  • Avatar for JohnnyMath
    still best album by Sonata [6] And my favorite one to
  • Avatar for Eduardovh1
    still best album by Sonata [5]
  • Avatar for Vinchula
    still best album by Sonata [4]
  • Avatar for DarkkMetal
    Fantastico!! <3
  • Avatar for Colony666
    This or Reckoning Night
  • Avatar for crispolly
    still best album by Sonata [3]
  • Avatar for hammerstrikebg
    still best album by Sonata [2]
  • Avatar for MrBengo
    still best album by Sonata
  • Avatar for ThayseOsbourne
    Perfect ♥
  • Avatar for cloud1377
    Fucking of my favourite albums
  • Avatar for Varpoxan
    This album made it into my top 3 albums of all time, it's a true masterpiece. I love every song of it!
  • Avatar for belissimar
    Their best album [5]
  • Avatar for ZadionApocalaya
    A less than stellar debut, but there's some awesome stuff here.
  • Avatar for DreadfulYgg
    Energy and enthusiasm is this album's trump card.
  • Avatar for progman86
    Pretty amateur album, but SO ENERGY POWAR!!!
  • Avatar for Sekkass
    awesome ^^
  • Avatar for hammerstrikebg
    best album
  • Avatar for RoddM
    great album
  • Avatar for Blind-Io
    Amazing. One of the few albums where I've never once felt the urge to skip any track. Ever.
  • Avatar for MartinW
    This album is great, but I'm still glad they changed their style.
  • Avatar for mooquack
    4,673,568 plays (220,052 listeners) 1,234 plays in your library
  • Avatar for Soulowner
    First is always (in most cases xD) the best!
  • Avatar for byeMarie
    true! A-mazing forever!
  • Avatar for SinStalker22
    Their best album [5] not even one bad song!
  • Avatar for hexxmaxx
    Their best album [4]
  • Avatar for thefigdublover
    hmmm can't get into this one for some reason... i love the days of grays though!
  • Avatar for Gorefan
    Their best album [3]
  • Avatar for J50282433
    sonata the best in power metal
  • Avatar for DarkPrince_
    Their best album! [2]... just so fuckin' good, far beyond epicness
  • Avatar for Lord_Egustien
    discazo, Fullmoon forever!!!!!
  • Avatar for mooquack
    Ecliptica > Visions.. Both are great albums though.
  • Avatar for papua23
    this is the 2008 remake. Where is the original?
  • Avatar for pg666donegan
    Clear Stratovarius imitation (2) Visions >>>> Ecliptica
  • Avatar for fender-regent
    Great Metal Song !
  • Avatar for ShortSonata
    Album that got me into metal <3 Despite the clear Stratovarius imitation it holds a special place for me :)
  • Avatar for Tarjina
    Their best album!
  • Avatar for Tebymetal1
    On my opinion the best SA album!! (with "Silence") brings me back a lot memories, cool album!
  • Avatar for DanielKeates
    Love every single song!
  • Avatar for mooquack
    This album will probably remain my favorite album for a long, long time. It's just flawless.
  • Avatar for arturferraro
    M A S T E R P I E C E.
  • Avatar for Sakum
    Their finest work. Perfect.
  • Avatar for mooquack
    Amazing album
  • Avatar for rym44
    MY LAND !!! :)
  • Avatar for hammerstrikebg
    @ ejdl because they were re-released ;]
  • Avatar for hammerstrikebg
    simply their best
  • Avatar for mikcsa
    this whole album rocks


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