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  • Avatar for soapy_q
    This is the song that turned me on to country music. Heard it nearly 20 years ago in troublesome times. I guess that's what country music is for. Still one of my favourites.
  • Avatar for TIGERSNAKEMAN
    yes sir
  • Avatar for hanstone
    Trying to make a porno...
  • Avatar for jwlkr2000
  • Avatar for GOINSOUTH
    still love this song :)
  • Avatar for Druid66
    First heard this in Boston, and it made the January chill just melt away.
  • Avatar for Drazba
    great song from a great album
  • Avatar for nick_honest
  • Avatar for nemrodeo
    For now sounds like heaven
  • Avatar for Lamarkin
    Love it!
  • Avatar for loneDillo
    it's a breeze
  • Avatar for tescovoyeur
    could be the most perfect song ever written.
  • Avatar for semionato
    this sounds like heaven indeed. "both feet on the floor, two hands on the wheel/ may the wind take your troubles away."
  • Avatar for semionato
    "My cousin said he wants to be the first song his kid hears. I couldn't agree more." --> i like your cousin.
  • Avatar for boxanarp
    Yeah, this is nice
  • Avatar for Sambo531
    man that steele. gets me every time. happy tear of sad joy.
  • Avatar for cobain1968
    Great song. Great slideguitar.
  • Avatar for tmanrocker
    your really not alone
  • Avatar for senorhippie
    Searchin' for a truer sound...isn't that the reason why we're listening now?
  • Avatar for beastmode2326
    My cousin said he wants to be the first song his kid hears. I couldn't agree more.
  • Avatar for semionato
    wonderful, wonderful.
  • Avatar for Artimusp3595
    "Searching for a truer sound"
  • Avatar for KeithandLor
  • Avatar for trampledturtle
    Have been and will be a Farrar fan since first hearing this gem years ago. One of the best traveling songs ever.
  • Avatar for truckedup
    nice song
  • Avatar for Druid66
    First heard this in Boston, and it didn't remind me of New England - more like the plains of the Midwest. Classic little Americana tune.
  • Avatar for chaoselph
    great song
  • Avatar for hanstone
    The balance here is just so cool... It rocks and swings and it's heavy yet light.
  • Avatar for sipnsoul
  • Avatar for nlbceditor
  • Avatar for llama10
    This song is amazing. Almost perfect. It fits any mood and never fails to lift my spirits.
  • Avatar for Huddybud
    Jay is the best. Hands down!
  • Avatar for Drazba
    great song
  • Avatar for RandyB1961
    Absolutely one of my two or three favorite songs.
  • Avatar for Sambo531
    loved it a long time now.
  • Avatar for HavinAGoodTime
    Reminds me of sitting around the campfire with my friends. Good Times
  • Avatar for andybloom1971
    amen, best song on their best album
  • Avatar for djbart1218
    living on the outside
  • Avatar for YoSoybean
    Love the strings & overall feel. Just good music.
  • Avatar for Ganimi
    "may the wind take your troubles away", this is so confortable.
  • Avatar for mamaval
    Agreed trampledturtle...agreed...
  • Avatar for trampledturtle
    One of the best alt. country songs ever (whatever that is).
  • Avatar for soapy_q
    This song was my introduction to alt country...that was nearly ten years ago and it's still one of my favourite songs.
  • Avatar for youremyfavorite
    good stuff
  • Avatar for Chanter62
    It doesn't too much better than this one
  • Avatar for KeithJones
    takes my troubles away...
  • Avatar for NoMoreParades97
    Switching it over to AM, searching for a truer sound. Can't recall the call letters. Steel guitar and settle down...
  • Avatar for marymeg
    My Favorite!!!!
  • Avatar for Tabbedout
    LOVE IT!
  • Avatar for jenslucking
    Like it!


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