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    16 Sep 2008, 18:07 by mixplusik

  • The Test, or: Me and my personal charts.

    26 Feb 2007, 00:51 by Feeliksii

    Journal what?
    Anyway, I think I should just test it! :)

    So if this is a thing where I can write stuff every now and then about my taste in music, then I guess I'll use it more often.

    For those who don't know it yet:
    I am doing my own charts on a regular base, but not to compare with my official last.fm-charts. While the latter counts the amount of times I listen to a song, my personal "Tops" mean my personal taste week after week. Sometimes I am lazy and a week lasts 40 days. But this year began good, til now I made the charts every week.

    So far so good, for the ones who wonder how I do that, here's a small summary:

    I began to do my charts 14 years ago, where there was no internet how we know it yet. The system varied throughout the years, I experimented a lot with the rules and the system, and this is how it works atm:

    Depending on how much new stuff I get to know, there are 0-3 new entries each week. In total I have 10 songs each week. …
  • Recent (re)discoveries

    30 Apr 2006, 10:35 by marco78train

    Lately, I have been reviewing a whole bunch of good cd's.

    Astrid Williamson - Day Of The Lone Wolf. This singer made her first solo-cd under the name of Astrid and before that she used to be a member of Goya Dress. I had never heard any of her music before, but I really love her new cd. If you like artists like Shawn Colvin, Dar Williams and Fiona Apple (just to name a few, you should really check this out!

    Augustana - All The Stars And Boulevards. Somewhere between Train, Counting Crows and
    Five for Fighting. Not as good as those bands, but I like it anyway. Good that they finally released it in my country.

    A Balladeer - Panama. A Dutch band that sounds a bit similar to Augustana, in my opinion. Usually I'm not a big fan of Dutch bands, but this is quite good! Go check it out!

    Jonatha Brooke - Back in the circus. Another excellent female singer/songwriter. I don't like this as much as Astrid Williamson, but it's a nice little record with a number of really beautiful songs.
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    21 Mar 2006, 15:52 by akirlu

  • Inte så galen grammisgala

    7 Feb 2006, 21:11 by apskrap

    Sorry all you people uncomfortable with the swedish language, this entry is for the rest of us only.

    Grammisgalan 2006 var en inte så himla dum gala trots allt. Mer mainstreaminriktad än P3 Guld, vilket inte är helt fel med tanke på hur det gick i prisutdelningarna. Se här bara:

    Robyn vann årets kvinnliga pop, helt jävla rättvist. Hela skivan med samma namn är pop som den ska vara; populär, smart, snygg och stark, som kvartsbacken i de amerikanska collegelagen ungefär. ;) Missförstå mig inte. Jag har verkligen stor respekt för och gillande av Frida Hyvönen, Jenny Wilson och Laleh (kanske framför allt Wilson), men ska det vara POP så ska det ta mig fan vara. ;D

    Robyn fick även årets album. Heja heja! (och jag fick revansch efter besvikelsens P3 Guld-gala där hon fan blev utan.) På detta får hon även den exklusiva apskrap-grammisen för kvällens snyggaste galablåsor. So hip it hurts!

    Moneybrother tryckte till en, för att vara galaspelning, grym Blow Him Back Into My Arms. Man kanske borde sett honom live under året?