Time to pick up where we left off. I’ve been interviewing...

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Time to pick up where we left off. I’ve been interviewing each artist who helped reinvent We Are Rising recently.

Next up is Violetness, who’s gorgeous reincarnation of Leave The Riches is more cover than remix (Compare it to the original here). One of the reasons I invited her to rock a remix is the hope of her singing on it. Indeed she did… have a listen to this haunting new version, and check out what she has to say about it below.

SL: I absolutely love this remix, and I’m glad you chose to sing on it. Did you have any specific goals for it when you set out? Or did you just experiment until you arrived at a concept?

V: I think my number one goal was to magnify the world you had already created.  There are such tender moments in this song that I wanted to bask in them for a bit and then blow them up.

SL: For the geeks, can you tell me a little about how you made the track? Sequencer? Any favorite software or plugins?

V: An interesting aspect was the way I approached the percussion. I wanted it to sound as if the verse rhythms were being dialed in Morse code, so that meant using an analog tape distortion to dampen the beat throughout the song. Gives it more of a whispering texture. That way when the tribal drums enter, they come across more bombastically.  

I also took inspiration from Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 4. In the beginning of the movement, the string section argues back and forth with the piano.  The remix is a tug of war between the nervy, tremolo-laden synthesizers and the strong-arming organic-ness of the orchestra.

SL: Any music that has really grabbed your attention recently? Old or new.

V: Something old - I just learned that Morton Feldman bought a dress for my aunt once, she introduced me to his music.  I very much enjoy his piece, Three Voices for Joan La Barbara.  I was wowed the first time I heard it in its entirety and still am.  Something new - I’m super excited for the new POP ETC album, I’m a big fan of Chu’s work.  I love it when artists switch up their musical direction, like he’s done. 


Thanks to everyone who’s picked it up We Are Rising: Remixed so far! All proceeds benefit VSA, an organization that provides arts and education opportunities to people with disabilities around the world.





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