• Somewhere In Go Far Away From My Chart.

    2 Jul 2006, 18:18 by eighthrs

    I, myself, being of sound intent, if not mind or body, do hereby denounce all intentional involvement with Somewhere in Europe and their perpetually boring song Oblique Realities which is residing smugly below in my Top Tracks.

    Furthermore I testify that it keeps appearing on the player of it's own persistent greed despite my best attempts to politely cold shoulder it away.

    Even furthermore than that, as it has now irreverently muscled it's dirty rat parts onto my charts, I will now wait like the lion for it to appear on the player once again, whereby I shall pounce and block it for evermore.

    To this I testify herein.

    Oh yea, and Bloc Party, in case you're keeping track, I just skipped you again. :)