• ♫ Top 15 Albums of 2013 ♪

    27 Jan 2014, 11:57 by LadyElvina

    So here is my long overdue Top 15 Albums of 2013 list. ^^ Initially i was going to write down my thoughts on each entry in the list... and i did start backwards, from #15 up... But seeing how unforgivably late i got around to finally compiling this list, i think the whole point of it is kind of lost by now... Who cares anyway. If somebody does, just ask me in the comments about my thoughts on a particular entry ;-P

    As usually is the case with me, I am having much trouble to sort out places beyond the top 5... Starting with somewhere around #6 the rankings are the subject to my mood: one time I prefer this, other time that... So this list is just a blurry estimate...

    This list by no means strives to be objective: There are albums that I didn’t give nearly as much chance as they deserve (and some I haven’t had the stomach to even check out at all! - Sombres Forêts I’m looking at you!) – because they require a certain mood to be listened to that I have been lacking in my everyday life…
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  • 2013 Releases

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  • Hall of Fame a.k.a. The Great Thank You List a.k.a. Credits

    1 Jul 2012, 21:12 by LadyElvina

    i just LOVE space music! preferably (but not necessary) black or death metal and sub-genres, blackgaze, ambient etc. So if you know some awesome space music, please share with me, and end up on my Hall of Fame List! ;) I love recommendations! ^^

    This is a feeble attempt to keep track which brilliant new discoveries i got from where, and of course to give some credits where it's due ^^ I know i probably have too much time on my hands on a midsummer sunday evening, but after all i'm just a nerd cleverly disguised as a charming girl :}

    I tried to keep it timely ordered, but it may not be entirely correct. I have only mentioned recommendations i find really worthy while the same person has often recommended more :P I hope i didn't miss anyone? If so, please feel free to remind me. Also, some people might be mentioned who never have recommended me anything personally. This means i have found their music library to be a gold mine and dug out something from there ;)
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  • Sombre Forêts - Royaume de Glace (2008)

    19 Sep 2011, 09:45 by Jigsaw_Quandary


    Что тут сказать? Славное имя - Аннатар, он же Даритель, одно из наименований Саурона – взял себе канадский певец заиндевелых лесов и заснеженных полян, похожий одновременно на Варга (диктофонно-туалетным саундом), на Фамина (специфической французскостью гитарных мелодий и грассирующим скримингом (бля, так и кажется, что щас прокукарекает - бррррр, Фамин, что-то с тобой стало… Ну, да ладно)), ну и ещё на кого-то, кого я уже не припомню. В стилях и тегах я разбираюсь так себе, но говорят, что работает чувак в жанре депрессивного блэк-металла. В принципе, ничего особенного он там не производит; опытный знающий своё дело ремесленник, каких, наверное, много, но чьи табуретки просты в использовании и надёжны, в отличие от вычурных и подозрительно выглядящих изделий эпатажных дизайнеров от музыки. Крепкие, проверенные мелодии, отработанные переходы от переборов к тремоло и обратно, смена бита с «любимого блэкового» на «очень любимый блэковый»…
  • Депрессняк.

    26 May 2010, 07:15 by ArrTheMesia

    Keep it update sometimes...

    It looks like a some other compilation of Atmospheric / Depressive Black Metal, Funeral Doom, some Death Doom and simply interesting bands like An Autumn for Crippled Children or Void of Silence.
    I think It could be possible that for someone few this "Journal" will seems helpful or maybe anything else more...

    I have stopped to add any groups in the spring of 2011.

    Abstract Spirit
    Abyssic Hate
    Abyssmal Sorrow
    A Cloud in Circle
    Adversus Semita
    A Forest of Stars
    All The Cold
    Ancestral (USA)
    An Autumn for Crippled Children
    Angest Herre
    Angra Mainyu (Germany)
    Anhedonia (Sweden)
    Anti (Germany)
    Arcana Coelestia
    Ars Diavoli
    Astral Melancholy
    Asunder (USA)
    Austere (Australia)

    Benighted in Sodom
    Bethlehem (Germany)
    Beyond Black Void
    Beyond Light
    Black Autumn (Germany)
    Black Hate
    Black Wreath
    Blood Red Fog
    Bonjour Tristesse
    Blut aus Nord
  • + BEST IN HEAVY METAL - 2009

    1 Apr 2010, 02:06 by Coffinwood_Mill

    Well, it's April Fool's Day, and I'm just now getting my Best of 2009 list up. Like last year, there seems to be a trend forming. Anyway, those of you who are actually interested, feel free to comment, criticize, and suggest any albums that you may have heard that I might have missed in any of the heavy metal or hard rock genres.

    I'm open to any listening suggestions!

    Also, if you are interested in other genres of music aside from heavy metal, feel free to visit my Best of 2009 journal entries on Neofolk / Martial / Dark Ambient styles, as well as my entry on Indie / Electronic / Etc.

    Enjoy! :-]

    + Best In Heavy Metal / Hard Rock in 2009 +


    1.)Katatonia - "Night Is The New Day"

    Night Is The New Day is a rather controversial choice for my number one metal album, and in some ways it is out of place. It’s not exactly the most aggressive or original work they have released to date…
  • Review: Veil - Sombre

    12 Mar 2010, 07:07 by Spudford

    Rating: 4.25/5

    Veil hails from Minnesota in the US, a land perhaps not so well known for its cold and distant . With Sombre this two-man band has created something that should, on many levels, fail terribly, but instead provides a very solid and memorable slice of washed out depressive Black Metal.

    The outstanding thing about Sombre are the melodies; each song has a main theme melody that drifts in and out of the tracks length, swapping roles with the vocals, and each of these melodies is intensely memorable and, dare I say, catchy. They are most often carried by a stinging guitar, sharp yet ever so sweet, but they are also presented by acoustic guitars, most notably on "Mater Maternis", which has arguably the most melancholic melody on the album. Each of these melody lines is the very essence of simplicity, consisting mostly of only several notes, but each of those notes is perfectly chosen and woven with the others, the outcome being one of consistent excellence. …