• Something I Should Know

    13 Aug 2008, 21:34 by exothermal

    Wednsday, 13th of August is just another boring weekday... so let's fill it with some great song lyrics of my favorite artists.
    As you see I picked up just a few lines of each song, and also wrote no artists or titles under it - Identifying these tracks is your job now.

    01: Assemblage 23 - Human (recognized by der_karl)
    I thought I'd never stand again
    I watched my dreams depart
    02: Deine Lakaien - Return (recognized by cosimatropina)
    And the waves wipe out
    My footprints in the sand
    03: Covenant - Figurehead (recognized by der_karl)
    We work so hard to be wise
    and dream of light to be pure
    04: Stromkern - Night Riders
    Can't hope to combat the motion
    Can't stop the feedback devotion
    05: Juno Reactor - Man To Ray (recognized by Bl4cK-D4wN)
    It sure looks beautiful.
    Gud, sometimes I wish I could stay up here
    06: Blutengel - Born Again (recognized by EvilSchnuffi)
    I'm feeling free, and I know this is the way from me
    I'm on my way to paradise
    07: Apoptygma Berzerk - Nearer (recognized by der_karl)