• DJ Mix: Return To Eden [Trance]

    5 May 2011, 12:38 by FesLerdinand

    Return To Eden
    01. Arctic Night - My Feelings (Aural Imbalance Deepening Mix)
    02. Tony Lionni - Timeless
    03. Nasa - Creatio Ex Nihilio
    04. Mark Naden - Drifting
    05. Solano - Firesigns
    06. Sphera - Airstream
    07. Karmahacker - Heartbreaker
    08. Ovnimoon - Vibration Of Peace
    09. E-Clip - Equilibrium
    10. Ephedrix - Evolving Moods (Chronos Remix)
    11. Liftshift - Full Cycle
    12. Sunstryk - Leaving Eden (Jirah Remix)
    13. Jirah - The Visitor

    Mix - Jack Moss
    Download From Here:
    Length: 01.16.51 ¦ Bitrate: 256kps ¦ Size: 140.67mb

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  • Solano - «Under the White Flag» (2008)

    19 Nov 2008, 09:15 by trancing

    Solano - «Under the White Flag»

    I will start off with saying that this is probably the best true psyprog album I heard in the past year, or maybe even my favourite album in the genre ever released to date.

    Ironically, sometimes we are forced to observe not very pleasant situation, when album draws good impression after one or two listens. Listener gets hooked on one of two tracks and only over time his vision becomes clear enough to see what this music is all about in particular. Every track on this album stands on its own. There's no need to seek through the pile of uncertain arbitrary tracks in order to discover hidden gems as it tends happen quite often. This is absolutely appropriate, proper progressive release as it has formally been declared. This is true progressive psytrance, without all that cheesiness (Tegma, Neelix, Kino Oko) and other arbitrary semi-commercial rubbish that is called progressive these days. Several words can sum up what this album is all about: deep, hypnotic, rich and atmospheric progressive trance. …