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There are at least two acts for Soft Shoe:

(1) A seventies folk rock band from UK formed by Ron Fellows (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, 12 string elec phased, mandolin and percussion) and Paul Toplis (lead vocals, Lead guitars (e-bow), organ, string-synth, bass and rhythm guitar), who released an album in 1978 called "For Those Alone", engineered and mixed by Brian Comer.

(2) "Amidst today's whirlwind of chemical imbalances, taboo fetishes and digitally downloadable manic suppressants, it's a wonder how anyone can form an actual opinion anymore. At times the characteristics evolving within a single human mind that chooses to choose, can refute any scientific data attempting to quantify its minimum or maximum capacity. Thus the theories argue: "Could an influx of information flooding a single perceptive receptor in fact cause one's system to reach a definitive peak?" For three individuals, the zenith is all too ethereal. The unorthodox drug abusers formerly known as "The Capastranos" ft. San Juan, return in what critics have been trying to label as "History's first successful collective of fragmented and fully unrealized material." Elusive, enigmatic and at the forefront of the now infamous "non-pattern" movement, the Capastranos were branded as "brash, sarcastic and vindictive" by the few who were actually able to interview them. Their identities remained cloaked in mystery for the span of their temperate career, in which they played their final live performance July 17th, 2027 at The Sonar, a small analog club in the outskirts of what was once Northern New Jersey. The 17 member group known as The Capastranos was nevermore, as group mentor San Juan retreated back into the more appealing "hush.hush" way of life. With His face whited out of existence, and the help of two of his closest disciples, the three would come to write music, by definition. Resurfacing in 2035 under the name "Chassure Molle" or "Soft Shoe," the three dawned the stage stripped of the fringe and gimmicks attached to their former aliases. Instead, the group played what was later described , as "a schizophrenic marriage between noise and harmony." "Textured, but simple" "a minimalist symphony" and "Intensely detailed intentions floating amidst undeniable uncertainty." Their bare bones live performances, in which they requested to have all stage and room lights turned off, exuded a sense of mystical porportion not commonly associated with bands in their era. The band was also heavily criticized for not utilizing the age old "naming-system" concerning their work. Instead, their albums were labeled by color, and song titles replaced by small undecipherable symbols, thus furthering their theme of inaccessability. Their refusal to partake in the "Digital Revolution" was bold, and humble and ultimately lead to the bands fade into obscurity. Soft Shoe's members San Juan, El Mono and Nestor De Capastrano continued to write, perform and release analog music until their mysterious disappearance in late December 2043. A recent fan-lead investigation of their final dwelling grounds, a small Old York Style Apartment 500 meters beneath The Sonar, has lead to the discovery of Soft Shoe's extensive body of unreleased work. Hidden within an apartment littered with empty cans, art work, pencils, plastic bags, endless notes and cigarette butts, a waterproof vessel within the floor was home to the bands library of analog master copies, ranging from b-sides and singles, to incomplete never before heard albums. Corporate Powerhouses within the Time & Space Recording Alliance rushed at a chance to bid for rights to the band's esoteric collection of material. It left them shocked to find that all the material had already been copyrighted under the then defunct label Boy.Genius, dated and stamped 2004 (30 or so years before the band's existence). "How? What? Where? Huh?" seem to be the only questions leaving the mouths of those following the investigation. Fans of the band however, should be pleased to hear that Boy.Genius heiress and founder of Trifecta-Chrystalis, Samaltha Tshabalala (aka. Hello Shitty) has announced plans to release and rerelease Soft Shoe's scopic material over the course of the next five years in the form of a definitive chronological box set. As for the band's whereabouts today, the only clues left behind, other than thematic lyrics fascinated with "transcending time" was a small post-it note left on their antique "Television." It simply read, "usted nos encontrará en el pasado." or "you will find us in the past." ~ B.B. (Editor, Trifecta-Chrystalis)

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