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Methuselah Rookie Card (2:35)


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  • this fucking song
  • Wow, Joseph of Arimithea! 26 conversions in A.D. 46! Religion? Learning? Let's get outta here.
  • I've been living like a sailor
  • fags lived 20 min from me and never saw them, whos fault is that? im still willing
  • I've been driving this thing for too long.
  • RIP
  • Best song ever.
  • I kinda drive home screaming At The Drive-In nearly every day. [3]
  • Sophomore year.
  • This fucking song.
  • I kinda drive home screaming At The Drive-In nearly every day. [2]
  • and i will explode if I DOOOOOONT
  • I kinda drive home screaming At The Drive-In nearly every day.
  • Had the pleasure of seeing the last show. Never forget.
  • Adslkfdladfasdlshsal why are you dead Snowing why can I never see you :( so sad
  • Just like...this album....every song has been stuck in my head......Seriously 4 thumbs up for this song - I sing it as loud as I can while driving down the highway
  • I lol'd.
  • That quote and your display pic are amazing together, WorldsEdge
  • I don't care for the song but I LOVE methuselah rookie cards. and Joseph of Arimathea! Twenty six conversions in A.D. 46.
  • twinkle daddies
  • snooooowwwwwwiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng!
  • mmm
  • bizorga i'm gonna fucking pee on you one of these days. snowing fucking owns.
  • heartlone , genuine and raw seems ok when there is still a voice that projects sound, in this case the guy is just screaming without any voice projection at all....He is singing with the thoat not the lungs...." .more tune up voice that sounds perfect and artificial"... like? ... Johnny Rotten? Iggy Pop? Mike Patton perhaps? or just Celine Dion as Golden Shower sugested? ...an example would be more informative...Cheers!
  • he he he? gigglin like the little bitch that you are. i appreciate your attempt at cleverness but you can still suck it.
  • Celine Dion? Why not?...gasping...cof...cof... voice sucks nevertheless...If you are his friend Golden Shower please try to give him some advice...he he he...
  • >implying perfection isn't a good thing
  • Its a shame theres not more music like this out there... :/
  • bizorga can suck it. go listen to celine dion.
  • I love it how the singing voice is " horrible" according to Bizorga. Makes it more genuine and raw, rather that having a tune up voice that sound perfect and artificial.
  • Best post hardcore breakdown/outro ever.
  • Horrible voice...some singing lessons would do a lot for this guys!
  • phil316 beat me to the announcement of the simpsons reference. damn. great stuff though.
  • words wont even be able to describe my love for this song
  • Religion?! Learning?! Lets get out of here!
  • Who'd of thought learning about religion could be fun?
  • the song title is an obscure simpsons reference...i love it
  • this song. i love it.
  • first I thought "hah he sounds like atdi" then I read the lyrics
  • damn good song
  • this band is great
  • I've been living like a sailor, my sea legs are wearing down.

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