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  • Avatar for fuckyouty1
    their best album.
  • Avatar for neodude991
    Brought this album because of 'Run' and still their best album. Although 'When it's all over we still have to clear up' is amazing too.
  • Avatar for nataliagaliand
    'Run' has to be one of the best tracks I've ever heard. [5]
  • Avatar for Indierock93
    Their masterpiece! Every single song is so amazing!
  • Avatar for My_Sharona
    Run ♥ ...The rest of the album is amazing as well
  • Avatar for Junior_Lins
  • Avatar for Narflz
    Other albums by Snow Patrol=meh Final Straw=fucking amazing
  • Avatar for Darth_Onoma
    This album is a fucking masterpiece. [2] I listened to this first time few months ago and I'm addicted now.
  • Avatar for kingxaviera
    Sydward thats good one.
  • Avatar for Kera_MarieDB
    This album is a fucking masterpiece. [2] ...agreed. As a whole, it is sooo well done. Best work they ever did unfortunately.
  • Avatar for BarbaroBella
    This album is a fucking masterpiece.
  • Avatar for Sydward
    Too bad the band isn't still on what they were on when they made this. [2]
  • Avatar for Larabenicio
    somowhere a clock is ticking just stay stuck in my head
  • Avatar for Akakia
    'Run' has to be one of the best tracks I've ever heard.[4)
  • Avatar for afonsohenrie
    'Run' has to be one of the best tracks I've ever heard. [3]
  • Avatar for Zilverdael
    'Run' has to be one of the best tracks I've ever heard.[2)
  • Avatar for coops45
    Such a fantastic album. Just a shame what has happened since.
  • Avatar for woe_betide
    'Run' has to be one of the best tracks I've ever heard.
  • Avatar for train_me
    love this album
  • Avatar for josfox
    That said, I love it. I love that it's pop, and not more Songs for Polarbears (which was good too, just not a patch on this)
  • Avatar for josfox
    "Agreed, spacehxc, they turned too pop after this one" - this is pop. this DEFINES pop.
  • Avatar for jacobfreakscene
    I was 11 years old when this was released. My mom bought it and everytime we'd get in the car, whether it was a mile away or 600, she'd put this in the CD player and everyone would just listen. And I remember slowly falling asleep in the backseat to it. One of the best albums, and a part of my childhood forever.
  • Avatar for Diegooo3
    what a album.. hope that they still create this music..
  • Avatar for Jessiex47
    I have so much emotional connection to this album and I never want it to stop.
  • Avatar for Taugenichts41
    their best
  • Avatar for Noir_6
    upy chido
  • Avatar for depesia
    < 3
  • Avatar for timmyc1983
    this album is just as mush pop as the others... I like all of them tho, i think they're a good band :D
  • Avatar for shakeen
    OH My, how i miss this album!
  • Avatar for RaneKhan
    To bad the band isn't still on the thing they were on when they made this.
  • Avatar for janvavrusa
    I've learned to love this album. And it's getting better and better.
  • Avatar for lorenzdesalta
    buenisimo le doy un 10
  • Avatar for wilsonio
    The only good album they've done... indeed! All the other ones they released are utter b*llocks. But this... it's the dog's b*llocks!
  • Avatar for RoomForSymmetry
    Agreed, spacehxc, they turned too pop after this one
  • Avatar for spacehxc
    their only good album imo
  • Avatar for dougydarkangel
    This was the beginnig of the end for them, their first two were amazingly unique albums, then this was a step in the direction of bland, standard soft rock that typifies their last two. Such a shame, as this band used to be amazing, now they are just boring
  • Avatar for Lizzybennet0
    I think this has to be my favourite band now! Haven't heard I song I didn't like yet by them. ....and woooot to KassilsSquishy for having a JANTO pic!!
  • Avatar for alanzoide
    best album
  • Avatar for Lowbacca
    how could that one molder along on my hard drive for so many months.. presumably their best to date. glad I re-discovered it just now.
  • Avatar for niallcrazyhorse
  • Avatar for Djeezes
    Certainly their best.
  • Avatar for irocklikehp
  • Avatar for boy_in_the_well
    I might like this album.
  • Avatar for Gumidek_
    the best
  • Avatar for thyrapuus
    I have it, but can't find it now :(
  • Avatar for fffiyt
  • Avatar for strikey
    Roughly 5 billion times better than Eyes Open and most albums ever released.
  • Avatar for Otporem
    Prefer this album overall, though I did like Chasing Cars [Not so much now for a reason] and Open your eyes.
  • Avatar for vaih
    oh yeah,good
  • Avatar for TheTrower
    So superior to Eyes Open in every way.


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