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  • Avatar for lilith_s
    They're about to come back ♥
  • Avatar for Calida-noche
  • Avatar for Cimersies
    Every minute with this band makes me more outgoing person .......
  • Avatar for whatwillburn
    well, if Maxine Ashley wants to learn the rest of the catalogue it wouldn't be a bad start
  • Avatar for HappyAmputee
    Gawd, now if only they can make up with Kelli.
  • Avatar for brunomoonchild
    THEY BACK BITXHES!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Vojta_deexs
    THEY ARE BACK! For real! >
  • Avatar for nymph_
    Thats why greed is bad. Wish that Kelli and Chris stayed together.
  • Avatar for theADHDkid
    If all I could listen to on a desert island was Sneaker Pimps, it would be a nice desert island.
  • Avatar for Anymouss
    I really want to hear them live
  • Avatar for Rud-Johns
    does anybody know what remix is this?
  • Avatar for Exzart
    Sneaker Pimps > IAMX
  • Avatar for FactoryConnor
    Nice and trippy.
  • Avatar for Sweedis
    без Келли стали тусклыми
  • Avatar for SpaceySpoke
    Great band :)
  • Avatar for axy_david
    Not much better than IAMX [6]
  • Avatar for Arin-chan
    Нет, уж лучше вокал Криса Корнера, чем "блеяние" Келли Дейтон. IMHO
  • Avatar for jeszczeniekot
  • Avatar for Crystalseth
    Much better than IAMX [7]
  • Avatar for ss4724t10
    Much better than IAMX [6]
  • Avatar for fiftifif88
    Вначале он мне понравился, но, тогда он молчал.
  • Avatar for fiftifif88
    Крис стремный
  • Avatar for fiftifif88
    С Келли было хорошо. Даже очень.
  • Avatar for phosgene
    One of the bands that changed my life with their music
  • Avatar for Kirill_Feyn
    Much better than IAMX [5]
  • Avatar for stlongforgotten
    Much better than IAMX [4]
  • Avatar for bawitback
    Much better than IAMX [3]
  • Avatar for xxxratedcunt
    Becoming X is perfect, period.
  • Avatar for oddpal9
    bloodsport :D
  • Avatar for wheresyourblues
    screw chris
  • Avatar for misterportman
    I wish there was some new Sneaker Pimps material. Love IAMX, but his albums are a little melancholy and not as "chill".
  • Avatar for AnnieFoxy
    Love both SP's last two albums and IAMX. The first one's Ok.
  • Avatar for PitFiend
    "Kicking Kelli Ali out of our band." That must be the most bone-headed move any band has made in the 20th century. Bar none. Period.
  • Avatar for monikawrzosek
    @samosfator @splatterdick Hahaha, you must be joking! ;)
  • Avatar for splatterdick
    Much better than IAMX [2]
  • Avatar for whatwillburn
    Well, Liam "talking to Chris about doing more Sneaker Pimps" just turned into Liam joining IAMX for Unified Field, but I hope they carry on working together. Certainly Chris is wanting to do something different than more IAMX for now, so who knows?
  • Avatar for reweind
    velvet divorce
  • Avatar for iHeartTrigun
    Sneaker Pimps reminds me of being 15/16 :)
  • Avatar for samosfator
    Much better than IAMX
  • Avatar for railpresureflip
    I'm still baffled by what exactly 'Becoming X' means. If anyone'd like to shed some light on that, I'd highly appreciate it.
  • Avatar for pamzao
    por que diabos eu só fui conhecer essa banda hoje? :o
  • Avatar for Sasha95sss
    love Y very much!!!!!! so sexy, so emotional!!!uh!
  • Avatar for splatterdick
  • Avatar for igotshot10
    CUTE SISHi Lunches <*>
  • Avatar for Max_Kenton
    How Do
  • Avatar for Amrabart
    you should get your ears checked, gal
  • Avatar for xxangelchanxx
    becoming x was the shittiest album lol, fight me
  • Avatar for splatterdick
    Like sneaker pimps only because of Kelly;( [2] :)))
  • Avatar for lehcristine
    "Sneaker Pimps are better than IAMX" NUNCA
  • Avatar for Rubydroid
    Matter of opinion.


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