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  • Avatar for Pinchy_Lobster
    I can't get over how much the lead singer sounds like Tina Belcher.
  • Avatar for The-Riot-Before
    Great band. This is Only a Test is my least favorite, but it's still got some quality tunes!
  • Avatar for jessem131
    Yeah, they didn't do any of that when I saw them either. That was last September or October I think.
  • Avatar for mykel_f
    @KY: saw them last summer and heard no religious stage banter. last i knew, it was only josh that was a believer, so it wouldn't be "they", anyway.
  • Avatar for BringtheKY
    Popes used to be amazing, until they started shoving their religion down everybody's throats. I don't mind religious ideas in songs like "I Know You Love Me", but it seems like their stage banter nowadays is nothing but "Have you heard the good news"?
  • Avatar for Toddcraft
    Daytrotter session sounds really good.
  • Avatar for zeravla134
    Seeing these guys tonight in KC. Way excited.
  • Avatar for bertramboso
    Still my favorite pop punk band, after the Buzzcocks.
  • Avatar for zkrake
    I honestly don't get people that tag this as indie, I mean the Instrumental parts are punk, very pop but punk none the less, its just the classic crooners style sung over punk and it makes for lovely combo, it just seems like people are unwilling to believe a punk act can have romantic lyrics and soulful and beautiful vocals, just needed to vent that a little
  • Avatar for no1specialem
    awesome show last week!
  • Avatar for awesomefossum
    Pictures I took of Smoking Popes in Phoenix-
  • Avatar for DamianSmash
    These guys fucking blew Alkaline Trio's sorry ass off the stage in Denver earlier this week. Such a GREAT, GREAT band!!
  • Avatar for camrawrs
    I never really bothered to listen until recently and I decided that this is like Bayside meets The Smiths. Definitely can hear where Bayside got a huge portion of their influences.
  • Avatar for Hellraiser917
    Born To Quit is one of Morrissey's favorite albums ever!
  • Avatar for JRamone266
    Great show in Philly the other day.
  • Avatar for w0bbEL
    just discovered these guys, new album is pretty catchy and perfectly cheesy. like it
  • Avatar for Ufoskyman
    Ben Folds similarity, anyone?
  • Avatar for RodeoJones7
    This Is Only a Test is fantastic! The Popes couldn't write a bad song if they tired.
  • Avatar for annyxdiablo
    This Is Only A Test is awesome! does anyone have lyrics?
  • Avatar for rockiecakes
    i heard about them because of bayside <3
  • Avatar for tylerlang666
    the new album is streaming on its really good. i hope a download pops up for it soon.
  • Avatar for AshesInPompeii
    Got into them with the "At Metro" concert. Amazing band, so cool.
  • Avatar for japhy77
    it's fun to sing along with the smoking popes!
  • Avatar for Drjay70
    finally I found them... great
  • Avatar for OneFellSwoop_x
    they're awesome, even though the lead singer sounds like kermit the frog.
  • Avatar for MusicQuizKing75
    been a fan since the '90s and never understood how more people didn't get into them.
  • Avatar for therewasatime
    my roommate has been listening to them for ages and i'm finally getting around to it. hating myself right now.
  • Avatar for thommyrotten
    I just discovered theses guys the now, they're great! Thanks for the recommendation Moz! [4]
  • Avatar for FabeRocker
    Morrissey meets The Ramones. [2]
  • Avatar for FabeRocker
    I just discovered theses guys the now, they're great! Thanks for the recommendation Moz! [3]
  • Avatar for karlosmorale
    I just discovered theses guys the now, they're great! Thanks for the recommendation Moz! [2]
  • Avatar for D5FA
    I just discovered theses guys the now, they're great! Thanks for the recommendation Moz!
  • Avatar for rollwithgie
    your music always welcome in my brain
  • Avatar for mykeywillyums
    Morrissey meets The Ramones.
  • Avatar for scratchy_76
    i listen to destination failure on repeat so much, its great they kind of remind me of Pixies
  • Avatar for RADICALEWOK
    i'm so shocked that they only have 30k listeners.
  • Avatar for kim_nokiamusic
    Another awesome band that I still own on physical format media. Sundays and records!
  • Avatar for Caligula138
    I love these guys... its been a long time since ive listened to them... but thats about to change... Tonight!
  • Avatar for spacematador
    I found two of their albums in a box at my cousin's house in California. Great times.
  • Avatar for ohscotty
    wow, that dudes post is nearly a month old.... i guess my point still stands, though. haha.
  • Avatar for ohscotty
    ebay is a good place to get stuff (i got both "born to quit" and "destination failure" for cheap there). asian man records just released some of their really early work that was first released on various 7"s and compilations; it's called "it's been a long day." totally worth the $8 or whatever they charge. and asian man is a sweet-ass record label that deserves the support.
  • Avatar for ryj88
    cant find any smoking popes anywhere. Help!?
  • Avatar for fiscalvase
    Was anyone able to catch the live feed of their show at Reggie's tonight? I bought the "virtual ticket" and then nothing happened...
  • Avatar for cause_time
    pretty pathetic is so so so so so so good
  • Avatar for ohscotty
    best ever
  • Avatar for jhpope
  • Avatar for sipsy
    I can't wait for Asian Man to repress these records! Hopefully it's sooner rather than later.
  • Avatar for epersales
    SmoPo is ridiculous!
  • Avatar for mykel_f
    how did i miss a new release last year? just discovered the oversight last night. already i can say Stay Down is sweet album.
  • Avatar for i2hymnocerous
    I'm glad to hear these guys are getting a re-issue. Still proudly enjoying my Johann's Face print of Get Fired. That may be my most prized album in my collection.


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