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  • Avatar for 1000julys
    Shame these guys aren't still going.
  • Avatar for TheBartner
    Why aren't these guys bigger?
  • Avatar for luke2389
  • Avatar for SneezingSnails
    nunca me he puesto a escucharlos mucho... y suenan de fábula...
  • Avatar for skullivan34
    Dingoes cannot bark - but they can howl. :
  • Avatar for waglagon
    The Speakeasy is quite boring album, but it has some awesome songs; Integrity, Sleepwalking and Neon Light. Speakeasy and Utah are worth mentioning too.... Integrity is just so damn good, great opener.
  • Avatar for questforfire
    the title track to the newer album is so awesome it's worth listening to all the garbage before it comes on.
  • Avatar for KurtTGS
    The new album sucks, sorry guys.
  • Avatar for Nigg1996
    Above the City is an awsome album , love it O.o
  • Avatar for thepostoffice
    If you're a fan of Hot water music, alkaline trio, smoke or fire, polar bear club, etc. Check out Download the ep, link is on the lastfm page!
  • Avatar for next__
    The Speakeasy is a really good album
  • Avatar for cornerscut
    The new album The Speakeasy is awesome, they need to put that on here. Check out Corners Cut. Virginia Beach Punk Rock.
  • Avatar for Zombie_Nerdz
    These guys are growing on me
  • Avatar for kim_nokiamusic
    Definitely coming round to the speakeasy...
  • Avatar for JerryDandridge
    awesome band!
  • Avatar for FailToTheThief
    Tell you what, The Speakeasy is a cracking album. Hugely recommended.
  • Avatar for bertality
    they should come to groezrock. new album sounds pretty boring though
  • Avatar for pricey123
    i didn't really enjoy this sinking ship, but the speakeasy is really good.
  • Avatar for LoveMaximumFM
    awesom new album
  • Avatar for Bayon3twork
    This band almost has 1mil plays. woo7
  • Avatar for yJURAy
    oh my! 114 Smoke or Fire 52%
  • Avatar for yJURAy
  • Avatar for DanceFiveDance
    Awesome album so far.
  • Avatar for Shnayder_123
    Awesome album!
  • Avatar for timahelm61
    brilliant album!
  • Avatar for waglagon
    Just preordered the coloured vinyl of Speakeasy from Fat wreck... and yeah, hopefully SOF tours europe soon!
  • Avatar for billymaulana
    I think fans are going to really like the new album. Not a bad song amongst the bunch- great stuff from beginning to end
  • Avatar for ResentAndResist
    Here is a download of one of songs from upcoming album called "neon light"
  • Avatar for EvilvsGod
    Hey! Will you come to czech reublic ? I want to see you on stage!
  • Avatar for xherojuanax
    The new album, "The Speakeasy," comes out in November! Also, new photo:
  • Avatar for hotwaterbrogden
    Above The City is fantastic but Sinking Ship is terrible. Conundrum indeed.
  • Avatar for Shaggy_Monster
    Wake up and grab your things, You and I are leaving Los Angeles.
  • Avatar for Skulka
    fck yeah
  • Avatar for distilledwater
  • Avatar for SLUGMAG
  • Avatar for summerinoctober
    Hahaha, people tagged them as hardcore? This is pop punk with just a bit of grit.
  • Avatar for T50L
    Modesty from the new "7 is super catchy! stream it:
  • Avatar for AmburRock
    Smoke or Fire, smoked the Emerald last night! Had so much fun!
  • Avatar for pezhead27
    New 7 inch soonish
  • Avatar for DanceFiveDance
    Love This Sinking Ship.
  • Avatar for modernage9
    "Culture as Given" has never been more relevant.
  • Avatar for TokenSunrise
    HUGE fan of Above the City
  • Avatar for TheBartner
    Good to hear they're working on a new album! Can't wait!
  • Avatar for MUSEmaniako
    come to SPAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for herrandrus
    if you like smoke or fire, please check this band: and download their first ep for FREE:
  • Avatar for ForMiles
    so freaking good.
  • Avatar for Shaggy_Monster
    Good band. "California's Burning" is probably the best song by them.
  • Avatar for Luckydonkey
    warum ist da Jericho nicht bei den ähnlichen Künstler?!^
  • Avatar for Skulka
    i'm in love
  • Avatar for landmarcattack
    Anybody else heard Joe's new acoustic demo? It's pretty sweet, really puts the focus on the awesome lyrics.


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