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  • Avatar for LeGoudron
    y'all did a quite good job #missyall
  • Avatar for raffy_rillo
    Miss you baes
  • Avatar for Inuadaiks
    Cullen is back
  • Avatar for Dubravvvka
  • Avatar for licorice
  • Avatar for thrashidolatry
    such a loss, I just recently began to appreciate Dye It Blonde again, sadly I'll never see them live ..
  • Avatar for ArcticWonder
    still not over it :(
  • Avatar for grantyO max and julien's new band!!! it's really really good you guys should check it out
  • Avatar for electric0ceans
    r smuth wasteds this genertions neuterel ham hostel??? [2]
  • Avatar for AtomicWeed
    R.I.P =/
  • Avatar for emperorliu
  • Avatar for fckngdby
    why oh why
  • Avatar for scarredforlyfe
    r smuth wasteds this genertions neuterel ham hostel???
  • Avatar for mozzareIIa
  • Avatar for Brunanalyzed
    I can't believe this. Fuck.
  • Avatar for ivanlazaro
    Worst break up of the century :(
  • Avatar for thisrdo
    i will miss you guys
  • Avatar for Ceejayklmnop
  • Avatar for wheresmycookies
    rip in peace
  • Avatar for HelderGallagher
  • Avatar for mozzareIIa
    fool proof <3
  • Avatar for Mochitsuki
    always forget how much I love this band....varsity is perfection
  • Avatar for thisrdo
  • Avatar for TriptheLight
    milk n' cookies
  • Avatar for raffy_rillo
    I'm falling in love with 3am Spiritual over and over again.
  • Avatar for YoshiOliveira
    cocozinho legal
  • Avatar for ShondaBerge27
    Jump is so magic
  • Avatar for atsom655321
    I fucking love this band.
  • Avatar for randombob18
    Smith Westerns made it into my recommended artists of the month, check them and others out, [url=]here[/url]
  • Avatar for miauw
    these guys are so fucking adorable
  • Avatar for andrey_ka
    летние )
  • Avatar for Brunanalyzed
    That good feeling you have when you're falling in love with a new band...
  • Avatar for KeniaHazuki
    En Lollapalooza♥.
  • Avatar for Nikolaaaas_
  • Avatar for dadada-danger
    revived my summer
  • Avatar for tiagosec
    I'm falling in love with this new album.
  • Avatar for lotusflower_
    i love their album covers who is making them
  • Avatar for massoquet my band lo-fi new music, download if you like (:
  • Avatar for ShuyinArg
    New album is really good! Dye it Blonde is definetly one of my fav. albums, still the new record sounds awesome 2 me.
  • Avatar for Pscyhodelics
    Idol <3
  • Avatar for GeorgeDrucsen
    Review: [url=]Smith Westerns – Soft Will[/url] [5.5/10]
  • Avatar for JessesFM
    it's easier to think you're dumb
  • Avatar for raffy_rillo
    The new album is unexpectedly sweet and awesome. 3am Spiritual is really nice.
  • Avatar for Diogo_Simoes
    Idol best new music. Good album.
  • Avatar for RedigaRehder
    Most magazines and papers get a promo copy of the album, I don't see why that wouldn't be the case with big websites too.
  • Avatar for Isabel94
    Loving the new album!
  • Avatar for SometimeWorld
    The guitar tones from this band are so lovely!
  • Avatar for gabrielantunes
    XXIII sound like "The Great Gig In The Sky" from Pink Floyd and i love it!
  • Avatar for Trademark88
    Yeah that is pretty weird, P4K reviewing this album two weeks before its physical release
  • Avatar for andrey_ka
    парни, отличный альбом получился! летний )


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