• Charts - 17/11-23/11/08

    24 Nov 2008, 05:37 by Kapitankraut

    10. Dub Incorporation
    French reggae tends to be a lot fresher than other brands thereof, and Dub Incorporation is no exception - with lyrics in Arabic as well as French. Currently, I rate Massilia Sound System as the better band, but these guys aren't bad.

    10. Gerard Joling
    One of the presumptive Dutch representatives for Eurovision 2009. I must admit that he doesn't sound as though he's moved much beyond the 80s, which was when he last took the ESC stage. This may not be a bad thing, but I'm not falling over myself to praise his work yet.

    10. Room Eleven
    Judging by the reviews on the net, I was expecting a hell of a lot more out of this band than I got. The reviews suggested some kind of missing link between Europe and New Orleans, but what I got was a very mediocre Paris Combo impression.

    7. Lifelover
    Another one of those experimental black metal types that's heavy on the experiments and light on the reasons for them. I don't see the fascination here.

  • Charts - 3/11-9/11/08

    10 Nov 2008, 06:55 by Kapitankraut

    10. Te Vaka
    I wouldn't have met them without the World Song Festival, but these guys are terrific. Pacific music without all the stupid stereotypes, but still sung in the native languages. A real delight for the senses.

    10. Carla Bruni
    Still surprisingly good music. A small part of me is embarrassed to like her work, but in general I see no reason to be.

    10. Tim Curry
    He sings! Wadsworth (or "Frank N Furter", as everyone else tiresomely knows him) actually sings his own stuff and is quite good. Not necessarily "keep on the hard drive" good, but quite good.

    9. Intronaut
    For a progressive/sludge act to be this boring should be an indictable offence.

    7. Van Canto
    Oh how much I adore this music. You haven't lived until you've heard Iron Maiden, Manowar and Nightwish covered acapella - and for them to do this very well and then have their own original tracks is perfect. No end of fun.

    7. Frank Zappa
    I want to like him, but I just can't quite. …