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1) Slutbox was the name used by tech house producers Billy Dalessandro & Daniel Mnookin for several EPs released on their record label Siteholder Records in the late noughties.

2)Slutbox was a local band from Ohio. Slutbox released only one CD in 2003 titled "Tales From The Crawlspace" The CD had 13 tracks with such songs as "Dead And Walking", " No Sleep", "Devon" & "A Bedtime Story". Back when there web-site was up www.slutbox.net they also had a Remix for the song Devon which sounded like the original version with cleaner lyrics, more bass, new background music and a bunch of samples.

All the songs were recorded by Tom Shaffner and Slutbox in the Love Dungeon between Jan-Feb 2003. Slutbox lyrics talk about sex, drugs, violence and in one of the liner notes in the booklet it says "The ideas on this disc are not necessarily recommended unless you wish to be arrested." Slutbox did not have a drummer while recording the CD. All the drum sounds were done by a drum machine.

Slutbox is
Chris Simmons —- Guitar/DR770/Vocals
Dave Schlund —- Vocals
Tom Shaffner —-Guitar/E-MU XL7/MPC 2000XL

Though the band is not together anymore. Two of the guys from Slutbox are in a new band called Keratoma and are working on their 2nd album. There first album was called "Smoke and Mirrors" released in Feb 2005. You can find more about Keratoma and their Bio by visiting their web-site at www.keratoma.net


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