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    13 Sep 2009, 20:56 by disairyuzerneim

    múm We Have a Map of the Piano (2002)

    from the album Finally We Are No One

    It goes: "I'll close my eyes and bite your tongue"

    This is the very first múm song I listened to, and it has haunted me ever since. Everytime the band releases a new album I compare it to this song and try to find out if they have kept the magic. They did so until Summer Make Good with a few songs, but even if they keep releasing lullabies for babies for the rest of their careers, this song is enough of an achievement to keep an eye on them forever.

    It starts with that beautiful bassline that takes you to a peaceful, quieter place somewhere in the universe. With little sounds that soothe your ears; and then that voice that whispers words like trying to hypnotize you.

    The lyrics make the song even prettier. Kristín claims to someone else to please don't talk so fast, to slow down, to enjoy the moment.