• Tony Scherr's debut, Come Around, has some high profile fans, and deservedly so...

    16 Jun 2007, 11:38 by HeadstrongMusic

    This is jazz informed, soul inspired, blues infused, country tinged, breathtaking rock and roll. The lyrics are raw and vulnerable, vivid and evocative, wryly insightful and frequently heartrending, with what seems like endless layers of subtext and possible interpretations. There are occasional overt nods to the author's heroes like Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Willie Nelson and Bill Frisell, but the songwriting, musicianship and production style are all uniquely, unmistakably Tony Scherr.

    This isn't background music. You don't pop it in at a dinner party or on a drive to the beach. You listen to Come Around on a good sound system, alone or with like-minded friends. You sit quietly and you listen. Sure, you'll tap your foot. Occasionally your jaw will drop in disbelief. Bolting upright and pacing with rhythmic exhilaration is not uncommon. Even out and out dancing has been known to occur. Whatever you end up doing, though, it won't be alongside the music, but rather because of the music.