• CAUGHT LIVE -- Sloan and Dearly Beloved at the 400 Bar 5/27/2011

    1 Jun 2011, 03:40 by heyadamo

    Fri 27 May – Sloan

    If they say one dog year equals seven human years, imagine how many human years you could equate to one year of rock'n'roll time. Genres come into fashion and flame out seemingly just as quickly; music scenes spring up like dandelions and multiply overnight until the tastemakers-the-be anoint the next new hot sound. It's pretty easy to see how so many bands and artists end up becoming dust and debris, grist to the music industry's mill.

    So having the Canadian pop/rock quartet Sloan celebrating their 20th year of existence is no mean feat. Factor in their enduring popularity and their unique band chemistry (juggling 4 members with just as many active and prolific songwriters) and you can forgive the boys for puffling out their collective chests at entering their 3rd decade. They call their 10th and most recent album The Double Cross, a roman numeric reference to the big 20 (XX) that also served as a modest backdrop to their tour.