• Review: Christie Front Drive - Anthology

    12 Mar 2006, 00:20 by evesummernight

    I discovered this album sometime about some years ago. I was 19 at the time, in college, half way across the country from ever seeing this band. I really got into Boys Life (who Christie Front Drive did a split with) and made the logical connection that I should check CFD out.

    I ordered their albums the old fashion way, requested Caufield's (their label) catalogue and ended up with Anthology. Throwing it into my cd player, I immediately made comparisons to The Promise Ring. It was the fuzzy recording, the powerful drumming, the sometimes incoherent lyrics. I smiled knowing I discovered something. Christie Front Drive is a band that defines intensity. Every second grows towards the finale, the deep final bow of every song, like hitting the crest of a wave. Every splash is soothing. The rough corners are all gone. It's never fast like a hardcore album, but never slow like a folk album, but it combines the intensity of both into a beautiful, beautiful package.