• USDA - White Girl

    18 Sep 2007, 17:41 by docdwayniac
    Jeezy's USDA crew with a single from their Cold Summer LP released earlier in the year.
    My jewelry too loud, baby girl, I can't hear ya
    Young Jeezy
    Slick Pulla
    Blood Raw
    White Girl
  • Little Miss Sunshine, Tha Fireman, & The Pied Piper of RnB (Weeklys May 21st to 27th)

    28 May 2007, 18:10 by Levi0522

    Well since these are the main 3 artists I listened to this they the only ones that imma talk bout.

    Rihanna (140 Plays):

    I don't listen to a lot of female artists but theres something different bout Rihanna. She makes really really good music, her voice is crazy addicting. The new CD recently leaked and yeah its hella nice from beginning to end.

    Umbrella and Hate That I Love You (Feat. Ne-Yo)(31 Plays each):

    Both these tracks got the number one spot. I hadn't really hear umbrella till like a week or so ago so I guess I got hooked on it. I can see why people say Jay don't belong on the track, but it don't annoy me or anything lol. Anyways the beat and her lyrics definitely on point and the vid...amazing. Haha.
    "Hate That I Love You", I probably had the first thought everyone else had..."Sexy Love Part 2???" because of the baseline and stuff. Well thats what I thought lol...but this Ne-Yo and Rihanna duet sounds damn good. Just a really really chill relaxing type of song...yap yap. Amazing basically.