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  • Помогите. С тех пор как услышал solitude родился вопрос, откуда сэмпл в начале взят. Я уже троих заразил вирусом поиска семпла. Кто знает, кто поможет мне уснуть? Уже нам...
  • www.dirtyowl.bandcamp.com new album is here
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAjFtxOd7kQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phEjpmxIaR0 two new videos new lp next month
  • https://soundcloud.com/sleepy/dirty-owl-eyed-plate - new track
  • Внезапно я открываю, что в России делали и делают хорошую электронику.
  • why didn't I hear from these guys before? very nice!
  • Мощно
  • new release is out there > http://www.discogs.com/Sleepy-Town-Manufacture-Memorabilia/release/3443129 > compilation of stm's best stuff on vinyl. you can order on discogs or on www.sealt.su
  • А как насчёт Бельгии? :)
  • GF5
    спасибо, оч.здорово^^
  • В Оренбург заглядывать не собираетесь? ;) Я бы сходил на ваш концерт. Возможно, попытался бы помочь с организацией, несмотря на отсутствие подобного опыта.
  • Wonderful opus
  • going to play in minsk this weekend!
  • nice stuff.
  • New STM track here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sleepy-Town-Manufacture/201747383183526
  • Based on quality, you should be in the millions of scrobbles compared to other similar artists. I spread word of your works far and wide in the hopes that such well crafted aural sculptures can inspire many more in ways previously unimagined.
  • отличная музыка!
  • I just LOVE your music - Thank you!
  • incredible materials they're putting out. pure gem. pure genius.
  • Very impressed by these guys- great chillout tunes, very well produced. Reminds me a lot of [artist]BrainStorm Operations[/artist], also an indie electronic project.
  • http://soundcloud.com/sleepy/sets/occasion-2010-05-sleepy-town-manufacture-unit-21-it-comes-with-nothing NEW ALBUM
  • Так держать, земляки! Классная музыка у вас!
  • I love the track on the new Intelligent Toys.
  • ------>[group]Dreamy Music For Those Who Have Inner Peacefulness[/group]
  • ashy whisper - like it. )
  • i love this music. the feel, the devices, the rhythms, the certain specific things, i love it all.
  • группа "Телевизор на ремонте". Альбом [album artist=TVset under repair]Cosmoportable[/album]
  • The name of group's very beautiful. It matches to their (now only his) melancholic sound very precisly.
  • Класс! Улетаю)))
  • I wish you guys could come play a gig over here. >:C
  • Парни Бомба Вааще)))) Молодцы!!!!!!!!
  • From the peeps I got into as a result of the Sutemos releases, I'd say I love Sleepy Town...but, I like [artist]ENV(itre)[/artist] a bit more.
  • Classic Russian IDM
  • оооххх, и настал этот день)
  • nice!!! going very soon to riga and vilnius!
  • Обожаю
  • Wow, excellent music, great work. Thank u so much for sharing!
  • Hello & Goodbye EP is fantastic.
  • sleepy town manufacture r awesome! big up from south africa.
  • love it
  • круто! молодцы!
  • Beautiful
  • молодцы ребята! приезжайте в Кёнигсберг!
  • Once in a while it happens, one discovers music that one lives with for a long time. STM/Beautumn had this miracle in store for us.;So much wonderful moments, sweet dreams, chilling cosmic voyages, extacies, thrills of beauty, surpises. The wellcomposed many layered music is a healing for this sick world...like Bach for so many in his times and the centuries to come. Respect & gratitude from the Netherlands!
  • Ouu nice. I see STM and Unit 21 are releasing another album titled "No Traces". Just placed my pre-order. Can't wait to hear it!
  • Listening to "Kite" right now. Fantastic stuff.
  • very niceeee :P big`ups from Romania
  • Зашеметяващо добри по-скоро!!! :)
  • Много добри !!! :)
  • в словакию приезжайте....


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