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  • Avatar for baueran
    Best Fell Voices side project so far, if one can call it that.
  • Avatar for Cassandra-Leo
    I don't think anyone's ripped it yet. I'll do this eventually, but I'm busy.
  • Avatar for AriELion
    anyone have a link to listen to the live cassette?
  • Avatar for chierules
    New Live tape. :p
  • Avatar for Hail-Santa
    v Had to re-name his s/t as SleepWalker EP to avoid confusion with the jazz one...
  • Avatar for Duck-My-Sick
    vivid deamer, not bad at all !
  • Avatar for Cassandra-Leo
    The second demo is out. Song titles are "Darkness Like Riches", "Wolf of Truth and Dream", and "Dead Moon".
  • Avatar for katzanova
    None yet. There's some unreleased stuff that's supposed to be released on Khrysanthoney at some time though...
  • Avatar for Cassandra-Leo
    Any news on when the second demo is getting a pressing? Or new material?
  • Avatar for ritchiecore
    If reckon if the 2nd demo gets the vinyl treatment then the songs will be given names. Cant wait to see what Khrysanthoney does with the demos on cd
  • Avatar for Cassandra-Leo
    Yeah, I got it. I didn't know the songs had titles until the LP came in. Does anyone know the titles of the songs from the second demo?
  • Avatar for ritchiecore
    Hope everyone managed to snag the Sleepwalker 12"? Been waiting for it forever and the preorder launched when i was away from home. Grabbed one of the last ones.
  • Avatar for innofficium
    did anyone happen to see them at the gilead music festival? did they have any merchandise for sale?
  • Avatar for Goon_
    Man... Both of these demos kick so much ass.... Incredible....
  • Avatar for VlCTORlOUSmarch
    i can def. groove to this.
  • Avatar for n4402xw8833
    SLEEPWALKER (black metal solo project of Michael from Fell Voices) will be appearing at the Gilead Media Music Festival on April 28th/29th 2012 in Wisconsin. Info here:
  • Avatar for lotsajoy
    I don't do preorders if I can help it. But anyhow, we're still working on the details, so just hang tight...
  • Avatar for Cassandra-Leo
    This is excellent news. When will preorders go up?
  • Avatar for lotsajoy
    So Khrysanthoney has partnered with the black metal Sleepwalker featuring Mike from Fell Voices. I loved Mike's two demos so much we agreed to release them as a short run pro disc with perty packaging and all the usual Khrysanthoney trimmings. Next will be some new EPs, and perhaps the debut album.
  • Avatar for Cassandra-Leo
    And a correct tag for the black metal band Sleepwalker as well as several other artists. Most people who have tracks tagged under Sleepwalker probably didn't mean the Japanese group.
  • Avatar for Goodearl
    This is an incorrect tag for the Japanese group Sleep Walker.
  • Avatar for lotsajoy
    Their new (as of yet unreleased) stuff is up that direction though, actually.
  • Avatar for krumbledkookie
    I'm waiting for someone to call this black shoegaze or some dumb shit like that. I'm afraid I would not survive such an assault on good sense.
  • Avatar for Cassandra-Leo
    I wanna hear it soooo bad [2]
  • Avatar for lotsajoy
    It's mindfuckingly addictive, I'll say that (or as can be observed by the number of scrobbles :-)
  • Avatar for themilkman87
    I've been watching you scrobble that track for months I wanna hear it soooo bad
  • Avatar for lotsajoy
    I've been ripping a track called "Caught in love's spiral" lately. It's way more MBV type stuff mixed with the stripped down BM Mike did so well on the first two demos. Hopefully it will be released on tape or CD soon with some additional new material..
  • Avatar for ConsumeAndBreed
    Pretty damn good. I could never get into Fell Voices but this is very enjoyable.
  • Avatar for Cassandra-Leo
    Is there a place to preorder the vinyl yet?
  • Avatar for fireninjaxxx
    Why is this shit so amazing?
  • Avatar for uchuuray
    Yep, "very limited lathe cuts". Gonna be tits
  • Avatar for evylwyzyrd
    just ordered both demo cdrs. I really, really want the vinyl. great stuff.
  • Avatar for StephenYates
    Fuckyeah, Perth's sleepwalker!
  • Avatar for Pat_picturesque
    3) Sleepwalker... Oh yeah.
  • Avatar for Arnico91
    hi, my band is called sleepwalkerHL; somehow our songs are scrobbeld on this profile! 1 week ago everything was going correctly and suddenly our songs are link with this page; would be nice if someone helps us getting our songs back to the right profile! here is our band page:
  • Avatar for lotsajoy
    + some other stuff.
  • Avatar for ritchiecore
    Sleepwalker vinyl is coming, oh yes
  • Avatar for lotsajoy
    Only black metal Sleepwalker is real.
  • Avatar for theorchardmusic
    If i remember correctly there was talk of a few more demos and a possible vinyl collection of all the released demos. Besides that, Sleepwalker is a fantastic project. It'd fit nicely on Enemies List. Glad I got to see it created live!
  • Avatar for DigiDan
    I uploaded some pictures of Mike from Fell Voices. I'm surprised nobody did it before me. VOTE UP.
  • Avatar for lotsajoy
    Fuck yes. Maybe I ought to contact these guys. Their second demo is even better than the first!
  • Avatar for Cassandra-Leo
    Black metal group gets better with each listen. It would be awesome if the demos were pressed on vinyl, or even released on cassette; this material seems so much more appropriate for analogue formats.
  • Avatar for lotsajoy
    Sleepwalker (extra necro version) isn't bad at all.
  • Avatar for nilzzzberghman
    Black Metal Sleepwalker all the way. I want new material. :l
  • Avatar for Cxltxn
    pop-punk/hardcore Sleepwalker from Ontario, Canada rules hard.
  • Avatar for JonasTomCampen
    Das ganze Hamburger zeug ist einfach nur geil
  • Avatar for IndomSpirit
    black metal sleepwalker >>>> all other sleepwalkers
  • Avatar for FairOnFire
    So seeing as the Black Metal Sleepwalker has two demos/EPs out now what should one call them? The only thing that I can get to scrobble is "Sleepwalker" as the titles.
  • Avatar for TheCreatedVoid1
    Number 2, the five-piece Perth alt rock band, is fucking incredible.
  • Avatar for nilzzzberghman
    America is the new land of Black Metal D:


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