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  • Avatar for brendalavoieri
    I'm so glad I had sleep terror last night.
  • Avatar for bloozclooz
    Song structure is just too fucking perfect. Every song flows.
  • Avatar for Rowolta
    Kind of sexy.
  • Avatar for Brandon_Exylum
    Woah. The LP is sick as fuck.
  • Avatar for iPowder
    Bandcamp [url=]Unihemispheria[/url]: Holy guitar jazz.
  • Avatar for lordmarco
    Sleep terror has a west coast tour in August. (2015)
  • Avatar for PP667
  • Avatar for CyberMusicLover
    Awesome Music!!!
  • Avatar for mateolopez54
  • Avatar for iPowder
    Bandcamp [url=]Miasmatic Device[/url]: Featuring Tim Richardson. Fcking sweet. \m/
  • Avatar for plothead31
    Probing Tranquility ages like a fine wine. I love coming back to it every now and then.
  • Avatar for iPowder
    Bandcamp [url=]The Cuts 2004​-​2013[/url]: Luke Jaeger is fcking amazing! I've seen this cat play a lot and his addictive riffs blow me away every time. He mixes a lot of good jazz and prog metal into his sets. Too damn talented \m/
  • Avatar for exxtay
    if somebody still don't know abt this project :)
  • Avatar for Mr_Gren
    Luke Jaeger's new EP with LVM Trio:
  • Avatar for goreasylum also, where the fuck is the new album? his posts on facebook are mighty fine though but still
  • Avatar for Sternika vot this pic !!
  • Avatar for Sternika
    fucking sick !!!
  • Avatar for Perfecteye18
    Primordial void has entirely too much power contained in those riffs. Its the perfect progression in the last minute or so. ideal.
  • Avatar for Elegante_Psyche
    A million new albums please :o)
  • Avatar for iliketherain
    New Album Please!!!!! [3]
  • Avatar for DarkIgniz
    New Album Please!!!!! [2]
  • Avatar for Punk-rock66625
    fucking awesome
  • Avatar for kfs2
    good stuff
  • Avatar for kalmametallinen
  • Avatar for methodpt
    Loving the experimental stuff!
  • Avatar for babbyDOTjpg
    Very unique.
  • Avatar for fallencowboy
    Great musician and great music. Hopefully some newer shit soon
  • Avatar for goreasylum
    v how is he a douche?
  • Avatar for ScumInfestation
    Luke is such a douche but has written a lot of cool songs/riffs.
  • Avatar for TheMoorKeeper
    Insanely mindblowing tech/prog metal! I usually dont like tech metal since its so brutal and over the top...but this is instrumental! lol And although it can be a bit samey, and very intense, all the songs are short so they don't overstay the visit. Impressive stuff man!!!
  • Avatar for mouritsdebeer
    Too many breakdowns! Still pretty awesome though.
  • Avatar for final_alert
    Auditory pornography.
  • Avatar for CloudLeduc
    awesome riffs, meh jazz inserts... part of the sound I guess
  • Avatar for Alex_of_DXM
    Шик шик шик
  • Avatar for RedRuBBy
    Шик шик шик
  • Avatar for devstones
  • Avatar for VivaBastardo
    нихрена себе
  • Avatar for ratgaze
  • Avatar for zrhtdtlrj
  • Avatar for PllyViolence
    ой новый впер\m/
  • Avatar for BobkaBrutal
    новый альбом отличный аще
  • Avatar for plothead31
    Don't give a shit what this guy said about Jews he's the fucking man
  • Avatar for SubUmbra
    Luke Jaeger = biggest dork in metal evar
  • Avatar for Howtoraiseox
    Jazz inserts *__*
  • Avatar for lost1in1death
    are you retarded boy? this stuff is meant to be instrumental, besides big c would ruin this like hes going to ruin abominable putridity
  • Avatar for DemetriDyslexik
    This band would be amazing if they had Big C on vocals, or any death metal vocalist for that matter
  • Avatar for goreasylum
    "racist technical metal" - whatchu talkin bout Willis? srsly
  • Avatar for Steve-Mo
    Very good band!
  • Avatar for meddelhed
  • Avatar for Aserikoth
    racist technical metal


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