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  • Avatar for skumbot
    Great for drifting into dark cold places in bed with the lights off. Sleeping ... not so much.
  • Avatar for fearthedawn
    Stealth is an absolutely incredible experience
  • Avatar for inverse.chi
  • Avatar for NGC_1277
    Erases the realization that I'm completely alone.. work alone, come home alone, live alone.
  • Avatar for TheresTheMike
    Very relaxing, soothing and creepy stuff. Love it a lot.
  • Avatar for MilitaryTwoStep
    listened to while i was sleeping and felt bad when i woke up ZERO OUT OF TEN
  • Avatar for funeral_mmon
    Stealth, opening the doors of perception !
  • Avatar for aphoticapathy
  • Avatar for DxAxPanda
  • Avatar for Los_Bybys
    I have Tinnitus as well and his music helps falling asleep immensely. I wonder if his music could actually mitigate it in the long run.
  • Avatar for Nearco
    Great stuff. I had a bad bout of Tinnitus late last year and could not get to sleep. Discovered this artist and his music really helped.
  • Avatar for dragn3t
    Deep Frieze has become my essential nightly sleeping music. The very vague and primitive ambient instrumentation within the field recordings are just right, they're not distracting and as an end result is highly hypnotic and sleep-inducing. Drone perfection.
  • Avatar for gkmy
    I love Nostromo for the imagery it breeds in my head. Any new work on the horizon?
  • Avatar for aphoticapathy
    Deep Frieze is awesome..
  • Avatar for skalberg242
    Stealth make me wanna sleep for a week.
  • Avatar for Lock_Out
    Dead Weather Machine Re-Heat is one dope drone!
  • Avatar for Tranceroute
    well, I'm listened it once and there was nothin' special for me after Frieze. now I listen it again. ps. any rumours about new stuff?
  • Avatar for ivor138
    nobody's talkin' about Dead Weather Machine
  • Avatar for exaze
    note to self: ruin a set of really powerful speakers with deep frieze
  • Avatar for erasethegrey93
    "Nostromo" is great. I really love C-Deck, is really cold :D
  • Avatar for DxAxPanda
    hey funeral_mmon, thanks for the link! what are your favourites ambient records? tu parles français?
  • Avatar for Lock_Out
    lol @squezey noob anime freak
  • Avatar for cybrauralninjuh
    Album artworks: stylistically accurate. This guy is good on his word.
  • Avatar for funeral_mmon
    @DxAxPanda : very good finding, you can get the full 5 recordings with this torrent :
  • Avatar for DxAxPanda
    Very isolating and relaxing. [2] Indeed.
  • Avatar for squezey
    Deep Frieze makes me feel like I'm alone in a giant empty movie theater at night that is just playing a bunch of ambient sound through the speakers. Very isolating and relaxing.
  • Avatar for DxAxPanda sounds a lot like deep frieze, I'm in love
  • Avatar for DxAxPanda
    I agree...
  • Avatar for Rightofheresy
    i wouldnt sleep without this
  • Avatar for DxAxPanda
    definitely, his soundscapes are damn good
  • Avatar for eeevans
    this guy needs to, um, put out some more shit, man.
  • Avatar for nine0nine
    Deep Frieze- I am speechless
  • Avatar for squezey
    Sleep Research Facility is correct, I would think those other ways of displaying are for just that, a certain look. It probably hasn't actually changed at all. Anyways Stealth is one of the most awesome albums I ever listened too, that is some powerful futuristic ambient music there.
  • Avatar for TheEscapeMan
    So, he had been changing name of project all this time since first album? Not cool. Well, I think if 'Sleep Reaserch Facility' is newest name, so it must be correct name. Besides, on the official site it spelling 'Sleep Research Facility':
  • Avatar for jcotteri
  • Avatar for Tranceroute
    Deep Frieze is pretty good
  • Avatar for boehj
    i bet 1700+ plays on 'sleepresearch_facility'. i have 3 cds at home and they say 'sleepresearch_facility', 'sleepresearchfacility' & 'sleep research facility' from oldest to newest.
  • Avatar for JulieLuna
    It's actually "SleepResearch_Facility" according to wikipedia.
  • Avatar for _duif
    Sleep Research Facility? SleepResearch_Facility? which is it?
  • Avatar for Ipsascientia
    This guy is incredible.
  • Avatar for bakhtnassar
    lol, some nigga should make a Google map of this shit
  • Avatar for funeral_mmon
    never cease to amaze me. glad i purchased "Stealth" !
  • Avatar for boehj
    check it out: "Spirit of Missouri" exists as a further additional element to the project, and is an extension of the ideas which gave rise to the SRF mixes found on the primary disc. -->
  • Avatar for boehj
    new album is the danglies.
  • Avatar for interhole
    I highly urge you not to listen to Deep Frieze while driving.
  • Avatar for swamp_slime
    Hahaha this is cool hail satan
  • Avatar for allbadendsall
    is it Sleep Research Facility, or SleepResearch_Facility?
  • Avatar for Threske
    Connected to [group]Astral Ambient[/group].
  • Avatar for boehj
    the new album 'stealth' is available on pre-order from cold spring ( first 1000 copies come with a bonus disc. giddy up! i've been hanging out for this for so so long. my order's placed, whaddaya waiting for??
  • Avatar for Hazerty
    In Nostromo...


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