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The Fox (4:19)


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  • shes sure has some pipes on her
  • 10/10 would listen to again
  • Land Ho
  • best song in existence
  • the foOOooOOxx
  • this isn't terrible mastering you son of a bitch
  • Best fucking song ever!
  • Guitar sounds like pixies
  • So good. I forgot how good they are. Dat voice.
  • Dat chorus.
  • Rock it!!
  • Rocks so hard.
  • Great way to open an album
  • this is one of those times when terrible mastering adds to the emotional impact
  • one of the most violent songs ever recorded
  • everything except the punchy guitar riff sounds so fuckin out of tune.
  • a sack of bricks to the face
  • I like Corin's voice. It's more urgent sounding. Catstrophic in a good way.
  • Carrie for sure has the better voice. Her talent is so hot. I'd do her :)
  • I love this song! This may be my favorite track from The Woods.
  • http://www.last.fm/music/Femmepop
  • Love this song!
  • god, carrie brownstein is such a babe. she's bisexual. she's a rock star. she's in a sketch comedy show. win, win, win.
  • uh yes
  • the rox
  • The guitar sound in the distorted sections kills.
  • Always loved the drums on this track. Rock It!!
  • Sleater-Kinney is actually playing on my last.fm station? It's about time.
  • I think it is rather safe to say that Corin may have a good voice, no? xD
  • this is such a noisy, yet majestic opener...
  • Powerful!
  • these girls bring the fuckin rock!
  • am i crazy or is there piano playing towards the end? lol
  • sleater kinney does epic, woo!
  • Bow down before Dave Fridmann!
  • that skronk of feedback right at the beginning always gets me amped.
  • heavy
  • Fuck yes.
  • Yeah yeah, let's make this about girls v. boys. Since that is totally relevant to what we said.
  • of course it's fucking intense, why such surprise? Girls make a lot of noise if you hadn't noticed before, it's not just a male thing. We're not all called Celine Dion.
  • Sleater-Kinney does noise? Holy shit. And well.
  • Aston Martin DB9: 450 Horsepower..... Ferrari F430: 490 Horsepower..... Sleater-Kinney, The Fox: Off the scale
  • Goose bumps! - always! Great tune! Love it! - Was the best opener for the show I saw! Couldn't have imagined a better one!
  • so...corin's voice=sex
  • This song gives me incredible chills.
  • Fuck, this is intense.
  • prolly my favorite song of all time.


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