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  • 1:01 *__*
  • RULEZzz!11
  • Nu-metal lol. I like this track.
  • %)
  • i love to hate
  • scapegoatgod
  • I hate you b.!
  • A personel hell is where I reside. SLAYER!!!!!!!!!!
  • НИштяг!!!
  • you just got love this song SLAYER I need to see them in cocert
  • seen them live and it was awsome! kinda dull compering to their younger days, but i wount complain since its fucking SLAYER!
  • I can care less if their live show sucks, I'm still going to fucking see them on Mayhem Festival this year.
  • Heavy Metaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • too bad that their live shows suck nowadays. they should retire when they aren't in the mood for live gigs anymore. but the last concert was really a shame for a metal band....they played all the great songs without any emotion...
  • this is good I like the riff but my favorite album is still god hates us all and south of heaven
  • OMFG, how could Slayer record THIS? This is fucking rap! Disgusting, terrible, even worse than the crappy God Hates Us All album!
  • HHHHHHHHHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttteeeee

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